Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Price List Timings Online Booking

Know the latest details about the Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Price List Timings Online Booking, Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Price List

No one ever leaves a temple, including the one in Guruvayur, without making a donation of some kind, no matter how small. People often think that an offering is a bribe sent to a god in exchange for a favour. This is not the case. In reality, a person’s commitment is best shown by whether or not they are willing to give up their life. If you offer something to the Lord with devotion, which is also called “Bhakthi,” He will take it, but He won’t take anything else, no matter how valuable it is.

Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Price List Timings Online Booking

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Every day, thousands of people travel to Guruvayur to give their gifts, which they see as a sign of their gratitude and devotion for healing their illnesses, mental peace, prosperity, profit, and children, among a long list of other things. Now, the followers give a wide range of gifts, from flowers to gold. Only the most important pieces are on display in the Devaswom museum. The rest of the collection is kept in storage. Online reservations are available for some programmes.

Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Price List 2023:

S.NoName of OfferingsCharges in INR
1Pal payasam120.00(1 ltr)
2Nei payasam180.00(1 ltr)
3Sarkara payasam160.00(1 ltr)
4Vella Nivedyam18.00 (1 unit)
5Appam17.00 (2 nos)
6Ada20.00 (2 nos)
9Butter Nivedyam12
10Sugar Plantain15
14Valiya Niramala4500
15Annaprasam (Chorun)20
16Bhagavathy Azhal20
17Butter after Japam5
19Purusha sooktham3
20Ashtotharam Archana4
21Sahasra namam Archana5
22Alankaram with Kalabham (6 Balls)9000
23Kalabham 1 Ball1500
24Kalabham 1 Packet50
25Ghee Lamp1
26Ghee Lamp in Sreekovil3000
27Ghee Lamp in Sreekovil4500
28Ghee Lamp in Sreekovil500
29Thali pooja10
30Oil Abhishekam (250ml)200
31Malar Nivedyam24
33Ashtapathi (One Chapter)2
34Geetha ( One Chapter)2
35Bhagavatham (One Chapter)2
36Bhagavatha Sapthaham1000
37Narayaneeyam (One Dasakam)2
38Ganapathy Archana3
39Sastha Archana3
40Lalitha Sahasra nama Archana5
41Palada Pradhaman140.00 (1 ltr)
42Eratti Payasam170.00 (1 ltr)
43Namaskaram (Approximate)10000
44Athazham (Approximate)11000
45Nalambalam Vilakku Veypu6000
48Malayidal ( Sabarimala)10
49Kettu Nira ( Sabarimala)20
50Thulabharam Thattil Panam5
54Maintenance of ElephantsAny amount
55AlroopamAny amount
56Prasada oottuAny amount
57Vahana pooja (Heavy Vehicles)300
58Vahana Pooja Car, Jeep etc150
59Vahana Pooja 2 & 3 Wheeler75
61Saptha Sudhi Abhishekam202
62Saptha Sudhi Abhishekam (Minimum)2
63Veda Parayanam1400
65Sapthasudhi (min)20
67Milk Abhishekam44
69Chandanam Urula600
70East Deepasthambham5000
71West Deepasthambham5000
72Bhagavathy Chuttuvilakku3500
75Vettila Adakka2
76Gayathry NeyJapam5


S.NoName of OfferingsCharges in INR
2Kaliamardhanam –2000
9Chuttuvilakku (2025 Onwards) *50000
10Sastha Chuttuvilakku6000
11Chuttambalam Theliyikkal13000

Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Online Booking Process:

  1. People who go to the Guruvayur temple can give many gifts to the Lord. Pilgrims can sign up for the gift either in person or online.
  2. At the Guruvayur temple, the only things that can be given as offerings are food and money.
  3. The pilgrims can choose what kind of gift to make, how much to give, and how much to pay. People who want to make an offering at the Guruvayur temple can do so online.
  4. Pilgrims can also go to the temple and buy tickets at the ticket counter for temple offerings.

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  1. I want to do Vazipad ( palpayasato Guruvayurappan) every month in the name of CHITHRA GOPINATH, ROHINI NAKSHATRAM. Please let me know how to go about making payment


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