Neyvilakku Offering Guruvayoor Temple Online Booking Today

Know the latest details about the Neyvilakku Offering Guruvayoor Temple Online Booking Today, Neyvilakku Offering Guruvayoor Temple

Neyvilakku Offering at Guruvayoor Temple:

From April 2018, a new system will let devotees who pay Rs 1000 for the “Neyvilakku” (a lamp lit with ghee) ritual at the Guruvayur Temple get a special darshan. The temple manager should see the receipt for the amount paid at the offering counter. Some devotees charge money to light a lamp with ghee. This also helps them avoid the long lines so they can see God more quickly.

Devotees who pay Rs 1,000 for the neivilakku offering at Guruvayur Lord Sree Krishna Temple will be given a direct route to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple so they don’t have to wait in the main line.

Neyvilakku Offering Guruvayoor Temple Online Booking Today

Neyvilakku seva cost:

People who take the receipt can go straight to the main shrine through the flagpole instead of waiting in line. They will also be given a set of prasadam (holy offering from the temple). The Rs 1000 ritual ticket can only be used by one person. The new system is in addition to the old practise of letting 5 people get special darshan for Rs 4500 worth of “Neyvilakku.”

If more people want “Neyvilakku,” a special counter may be set up. The new system is being put in place by Devaswom to stop people from giving money to middlemen who promise them a chance to have darshan.

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“Prasada Oottu,” which means “offering of food,” will also be added as a ritual in the temple. The devotees can get a receipt for the “prasada Oottu” on the anniversary of a relative’s birth or death. For three meals a day of free food, Rs 1.3 lakh should be paid. Devaswom’s chairman said that a way to do the “Neyvilakku” ritual online will be set up.

But devotees in the regular line system won’t have any trouble getting darshan. Due to the crowds during vacations and the month of vaisakham, the time for darshan at noon has been extended until 2.30 pm until May. At the moment, the darshan time ends at 1.30 p.m. Even though they have been standing in line for hours, many devotees still come back.

Neyvilakku Offering Guruvayoor Temple Online Booking:

Neyvilakku at Guruvayoor Temple is not available for Online Booking. Devotees has to physically visit the temple for this seva. You can’t buy tickets ahead of time in Guruvayur.

How to dress to get into the temple:

  • People who want to go into the Guruvayur Temple have to follow a strict dress code. 
  • Men should wrap the mundu around their waists and not wear anything that covers their chests. But a small piece of cloth can be used to cover the chest area (veshthi). Boys can wear shorts, but they can’t wear shirts. 
  • Girls and women can’t wear dresses or short skirts that look like pants. The sari can be worn by women, and girls should wear long skirts and blouses. At the moment, women can wear shalwar kameez (churidar pyjamas) and the dress code has been loosened.

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