Kode Mokku Vemulawada Temple Procedure Timings Booking Online

Know the details about the Kode Mokku Vemulawada Temple Procedure Timings Booking Online, Vemulawada Temple Kode Mokku Ticket Cost.

The Vemulawada Temple not only has a long and significant history, but it also played an essential part in the history of ancient India. Pilgrims go to the temple not only to get a glimpse of the Lord but also to do the Special Pooja and to provide their service to the community that the temple serves. The temple is going to do a large number of pooja and also seva, both of which are quite beneficial for the visitors.

The devotees might visit the temple and inquire about the various sorts of pooja that are carried out there. Each and every pooja that is done at the Vemulawada Temple is of the utmost significance, and it also aids the pilgrims in acquiring incredible blessings. The Vemulawada Temple is home to a particularly significant seva that is known as the Kode Mokku process. For the purpose of granting the desires of the pilgrims who are present at the temple, the pilgrims will carry out the Vemulawada Temple Kode Mokku Procedure.

Kode Mokku Vemulawada Temple Procedure Timings Booking Online

  • The Kode Mokku was a priceless offering to Lord Shiva. During the kode mokku rite, a devotee walks around the temple grounds with a cow—the vahanam (Nandi) of Lord Shiva—and then abandons the animal at the temple itself.
  • Kode Mokku is performed by devotees on the occasion of the fulfillment of their desires, and almost half of the revenue generated by the temple comes from the performance of Kode Mokkus.
  • Those who are making the journey may perform the Kode Mokku Seva at the Vemulawada Temple. The Kode Mokku seva is performed in the Vemulawada Temple on a daily basis from 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Regularly pilgrims have attended the seva
  • Pilgrims may go to the temple and make reservations for the seva during these hours. The pilgrims will be given the thread, which they are required to carry around the temple, and then they are required to tie the thread to the rope.

What Exactly Is The Significance Of The Kode Mokku?

The ‘Kode Mokku,’ which is a highly unique offering that is made by devotees, can also be found at this temple. A devotee performs the ceremony known as Kode Mokku, in which they do the pradakshinam of the temple while riding a kode, also known as Nandi, which is Lord Shiva’s vehicle, or vahanam.

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Kode Mokku Vemulawada Temple Seva Prices

  • The pilgrims will be able to purchase tickets at the counter of the temple, where they will also be able to schedule the process. The Kode Mokku process will be carried out by the couples, as well as by a great number of pilgrims whose requests have been fulfilled by the Lord.
  • The price of the Kode Mokku process at the Vemulawada Temple is published at the counter of the temple. The same may be referred to by the devotees, who can then arrange appointments for the Vemulawada Temple Kode Mokku Seva.
  • Normal Kode Mrokkubadi, Kode Mokkubadi Timings: 6:15 am – 8:30 pm Performed everyday
  • Cost of the ticket: None
  • 200 Rs will charge for each ticket on special kode mokku seva.
  • Bahumanam: One Laddu will give every pilgrims who visited this seva
  • Couples and singles are the only types of guests that are permitted.

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