Rudra Pasupatha Online Booking Homam Procedure Cost

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  • This Homam may be carried out by either an individual or a couple.
  • Homam Timing: between two and three hours
  • Cost of a Homam: 14,000 to 15,000 Indian Rupees
  • Pooja is performed by a total of 2 priests at this time.

Rudra Pasupatha Online Booking Homam Procedure Cost

The dress standards recommended for the Pooja are as follows:

  • White Pancha, Dhoti/Kurta, and Pyjamas Are Appropriate Attire For Males.
  • Dress options for women include the saree with a blouse, churidar with a dupatta, Punjabi dress with a dupatta, and half saree.
  • About the Aghora Pashupatha Homam/What the Aghora Homam Is Trying to Achieve
  • The Aghora Pashupatha Homam is a combination of two potent Homams or Yagnas, which are known respectively as the Aghora Homam and the Pashupatha Homam. 
  • Lord Shiva, who is called upon during the Aghora Homam in his guise as Aghora Rudra, is the most important god in this ritual.
  • The five facets of Lord Sadashiva, also known as Panchmukhi Shiva, are referred to as Sadyajata, Vamadeva, Aghora, and Tatpurusha respectively. 
  • Aghora Rudra is the third guise that Lord Bhairava Shiva displays, and it shows Him as the leader of the Bhoot Ganas (also known as Ghosts).
  • Pashupatha, often referred to as Pashupatastra, is an extremely strong and lethal weapon that can kill anything.
  • It is associated with both Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali, who is a terrifying manifestations of Goddess Adi Para Shakti.

Aghora Pashupatha Homam meaning:

  • The Aghora Pashupatha homam is done for the purpose of providing protection against boot preta dosha, which translates to “bad spirits, black magic, and negativity.”
  • It is also conducted for the purpose of breaking curses, hexes, spells, and witchcraft; for drishti dosha parihara, or protection from the evil eye; and for protection from court disputes. 
  • It creates a protective barrier around the home and any other inhabitants, such as Dakinee, Brahma Rakshasa, and so on.
  • The recitation of this Homam is beneficial for overcoming almanifestationsgativity, as well as adversaries and other potentially destructive energies.

Rudra Pasupatha Online Booking Homam Procedure Cost

  • Lord Shiva, when manifesting in the ferocious form of Aghora Rudra, defends His worshippers against all dangers and vanquishes those who want to harm them. 
  • Lord Aghora Rudra is also the embodiment of the transformative power of fire, which can destroy all forms of negativity and evil. 
  • During the battle of Kurukshetra, which takes place in the Mahabharata, legend has it that Arjuna meditated on Lord Shiva in order to get the powerful sword known as Pashupatha or Pashupatastra. This was done on the advice of Lord Krishna. 
  • Because Lord Shiva was pleased with Arjuna, he bestowed the Pashupatha to him as a means of assisting him in vanquishing his foes and triumphing over challenges and obstacles. 
  • Conducting the Aghora Pashupata Homam benefits the Yajman or participant with all-round protection, shields the house and family of the participant, and blesses with fearlessness, and good health, Although Arjuna did not use the Pashupatha, it is believed that the mere presence of this divine weapon helped Arjuna to win the battle. 
  • The participant in the Aghorastra Homam benefits from the protection and destruction of the negative energies even if he or she is oblivious to the bad forces that are around them or if any concealed adversary has ill intentions. This is because the ritual protects and destroys negative energies.
  • This Homam is performed with expertise by our team of Karma Kandi Pandits, who adhere to all of the Vedic procedures. 
  • Yajman or participant receives the intended Aghora Homam advantages as a result of the high vibration that is produced by the singing of the Mantra and the Yajna.
  • For the purpose of providing protection against malevolent forces such as ghosts, bad spirits, black magic, hexes, curses, and the evil eye, as well as against known and unknown adversaries.
  • for effectively navigating challenging situations and finding solutions to complex issues.
  • For protection against legal proceedings, other lawsuits, and government surveillance
  • For the sake of one’s health, confidence, empowerment, positivism, and the ability to live one’s life without fear.
  • For the purpose of protecting one’s home and their loved ones from negative energy and damage.
  • By the grace of Lord Shiv, for the development of one’s spiritual self and positive change.
  • In recognition of bringing about peace, harmony, triumph, prosperity, happiness, and an abundance of Lord Aghora Rudra’s (Lord Shiva’s) blessings

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