Simhachalam Temple Kappa Sthambam Location Timings

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Ambling between the Simhachalam and Kailasagiri Himalayas. A parade will carry the god out into the world, going around the sacred hills. In the Hindu calendar, the month of Ashada (June/July) contains one Full Moon day. For the whole Giripradakshinam, which is 40 kilometers long and takes more than 8 hours to finish, you’ll need at least 16 hours.

Inscriptions indicate that the temple was built in 1098 AD by the Chola King Kulothunga. Orissa’s Kalinga queen, who reigned from 1137 to 56 A.D., later undertook renovations to the temple. A further inscription dates to the reign of Orissa’s Narasimhadeva II, from the years 1279 to 1306. Famous poet laureate Srinatha, who lived in the 15th century A.D., said that Simachadri Kshetra was one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Simhachalam Temple Kappa Sthambam Location Timings

  • Simhachalam Kappa Sthambam”  from 06:30 AM to 09:00 PM daily.
  • Tickets are 25 rupees each.
  • Tickets for the special Darshan were priced at Rs. 100 each.

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Importance of Simhachalam Kappa Sthambam

A holy entity is said to inhabit this sacred pillar. Those who pay the Toll at the Pillar are promised that their prayers will be heard. At the base of the pillar, you’ll find the Sri Santhana Venugopala Swami Yantram. After the couple has held the Holy Pillar, it is thought that they will finally be able to have a family.

  • The Devas, so the legend goes, put this pillar here at the temple.
  • Find this pillar on the way out of Garbha Griha.
  • Appropriate attire: For males, we ask that you dress in white (Pancha), a dhoti/kurta, and pyjamas.
  • A saree with a blouse, a Punjabi dress with a dupatta, a churidar with a dupatta, and a half saree are all acceptable attire for women.

At the time being, Kalyanam tickets cannot be purchased online. This is a counter-bought arrival ticket. On the day of the Annual Kalyanotsavam, the principal deity will be the subject of the rituals of Chandotsavam and Sahasra Ghatabhishekam. This is a private event with a restricted guest list.

Please contact @85000 85151 for more information on Simhachalam Brahmotsavam.

Best Way To Go To The Simhachalam Temple.

  • To begin, the distance between the temple and the city of Visakhapatnam is 16 kilometres.
  • From Vizag, you may take a bus that will take you straight to the temple.
  • Walking or driving can get you to the temple from Simhachalam in three hours.
  • There are one thousand stairs leading up to the Temple’s main entrance.

Simhachalam Temple Kappa Sthambam Location Timings

Following the Pancharatha model, the façade of Garbagriha is split into five levels. In many ways, the outside of the sanctum sanatorium is modelled after the Orissa temple. The mukhamandapa and an antarala are the entry points to the sanctum sanatorium. The mandapa, which is square in shape, has elements of both the Dravidian and Orissan styles of architecture.

The Kalyana Mandapa is a covered rectangular hall supported by 78 granite pillars set in six rows. Among the temple’s inscriptions, this mandapa is called “Natyamandapa,” which is quite a find.

The Kappa Sthambhamu, a pillar located between the Asthana mandapa and the mukha mandapa, is a crucial part of the structure’s overall design. The locals and believers alike hold it in high regard, and it is widely thought that a child would be granted to a childless couple or individual who embraces it with enough dedication.

Chandanotsavam Temple Schedules

  • Darshan is available between the hours of 4 AM and 7 PM.
  • Access to the waiting area will be restricted after 7 p.m. Darshan will only be given to those devotees who are currently waiting in line.
  • Chandanotsavam, or the Festival of the Third Day of the Lunar Month, is also known as Akshaya Tritiya.

Nijaroopa Darshan of Narasimha Swamy is only available on this day of the year. There will be a 12-hour window in which you may access Nijaroopa Darshan. There will be a great number of very important people (VVIPs) in the temple at this time. Doors to the temple will be locked while the sandal paste is being prepared for Nijaroopa Darshan.

Nijaroopa Darshan preparations will need one whole hour. The priests of the temple will host this ceremony, and the Ananda Gajapathi dynasty, the temple’s trustees, will have first dibs on darshan thereafter. Throughout the remaining 364 days of the year, Lord Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy shall be wrapped head to toe with sandal paste.

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