Sri Agastheeswara Temple Timings Ticket Cost Booking Details

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In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the Agastheeswarar Temple (also written as Agastheeswarar Temple) is a Shiva-dedicated Hindu temple that can be found near the town of Agathiyampalli in the Nagapattinam district. The Tevaram, a Tamil Saiva canonical poem produced in the seventh century by Tamil saint poets known as the nayanmars and categorized as Paadal Petra Sthalam, venerates the presiding god. The neighborhood refers to the temple as Agasthiyar Kovil.

It is home to a number of inscriptions that were written during the Pandya and Chola periods of the medieval era. Six daily rites take place at different times, and the temple also has three annual celebrations. The temple is home to a number of shrines, the most important of which is the one dedicated to Agastiswara and Pakampiriyal Nayagi, the god’s spouse. During the annual Brahmotsavam, also known as the main festival, thousands of devotees go from far and wide to take part.

Sri Agastheeswara Temple Timings Ticket Cost Booking Details

Agastheeswarar, the presiding deity of the Agastheeswarar Temple, which is a Hindu temple devoted to Shiva, is the inspiration for the naming of the nearby town of Agasthiyanpalli. The Saiva canonical book Tevaram, written by Appar and Tirugnanasambandar in the seventh century, makes reference to the location as “Tirumaraikadu.”

Because of the sacred marriage of Shiva and Parvathi, the world is said to have begun to tilt toward the direction of the north at that time. The event is said to have taken place on the holy mountain of Kailash, where all of the deities were gathered to see it. In order to strike a balance between the two, Shiva asked the wise man Agasthiyar to go to the south. It is often said that Shiva made an appearance to Agasthiyar in his guise as a bridegroom at this spot.

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Sri Agastheeswara Temple Timings Ticket Cost Booking Details

16 amTemple Opening
26 am – 7 amAbhishekam to Parivar Gods
37 amSarva Darshan
47 am – 9 amAbhishekam to Swamy Varu and Amma Varu
511:30 amNaivedyam
69 am – 7:30 pmSarva Darshan
74:30 pmDeeparadhana, Naivedyam
87:30 pmNaivedyam, Ekantha Seva, followed by Temple Closing

Temple Darshan Timings

  • Morning Hours: 6:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • Afternoon Hours: 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Monthly Poojas

1Masa Siva Rathri
2Pournami ( Full moon day)
3Adrudra Nakshthram

Special Pooja Info


Gowri Vratham

Ekadas Rudrabhishekam


2SundayKarthika Deepam
3MondayVibhoodhi Abhishekam
4FridayLaksha Kum Kum Archana

Mahanyasa Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam

Sahasra Gattabhishekam

6SundayArudra Nakshathram
7SaturdayVaikunta Ekadasi


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