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Buddhist Shri Temple of Kurmanadha The Sri Kurmam temple in Srikakulam. The Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh is home to a temple worshipping Sri Kurmanatha. The temple may be found on the eastern shore and can be thought of as being in the middle of both Andhra and Kalinga. Legend has it that Suta was a king who reigned in the Svethachala area. His wife is a staunch follower of the god Vishnu.

On the Ekadasi day, the king made romantic overtures to the queen, prompting the queen to pray for a lord, at which point a gushing torrent of passion gushed between them. After that, Sage Narada suggested that the King take penance at the meeting point of Vamsadhara and the Sea.

A vision of Lord Kurmanadha brought him comfort and relief from his thoughts. KshiraSamudra is the perfect place where Vishnu and Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, made their home. The temple was afterward built by King Suta. According to another myth, God’s celestial nymph was dancing before him when the Prince of Anandpuri fell in love with her. The fairy cast a spell on him, and he got sick. After 300 years of meditation for the Lord, he was released from his service.

Srikurmam Temple History Timings Online Booking Cost Contact

This temple style of building is a combination of the Andhra and Kalinga styles of architecture. In addition, the structure of the temple is quite similar to that of a Dravidian vimana, which is a pyramid.

The temple Mukha Mandapa leads antarala.The sacred site of Kurukshetra, which Sri Ramanujacharya founded and later developed into a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu’s second incarnation, known as Kurma. The Gulf of Bengal is only three kilometers distant from where this temple is located. The primary statue is venerated by Vaishnavas as well as a few Oriya inscriptions, both of which Sri Narahari Teertha considers to be authentic.

Srikurmam Temple History Timings Online Booking Cost Contact

According to the legends, there once lived a king by the name of Suta who ruled the territory that was in the vicinity of a hill known as Svethachala. His queen was a fervent follower of Lord Vishnu. Once upon a time, on the day of Ekadasi, the King made sexual attempts toward the Queen, and the Queen’s Lady prayed to the Lord to spare her from the King’s approach.

Right away, a large torrent began flowing between the two people and separated them from each other. The dissatisfied monarch roamed aimlessly for a period of time seeking the counsel of the wise man Narada and eventually made his home at the point where the Vamsadhara River meets the Sea in order to perform penance. In the end, Lord Kurmanatha materialized in front of him and bestowed upon him the gift of mental tranquility. At a particularly beautiful location, Lord Vishnu fashioned a reservoir that came to be known as the KshiraSamudra (ocean of milk). His Spouse, the Goddess Lakshmi, traveled all the way here to make her home. The temple’s construction can be attributed to King Suta.

Another fascinating tale has to do with a prince of Anantapur who, upon witnessing the divine nymph Tilottama dancing before the god, fell in love with her. The story goes that the prince later married Tilottama. The nymph placed a curse on him, and as a result, the prince became sick with a terrible illness. He remained here in penitence for three hundred years, and by the Lord’s grace, he was eventually released from the curse.

Timings Of Srikurmam Temple

  • The Srikurmam Temple is open daily from 6 am to 7:45 pm.
  • Abhishekam Arrival times are between 4:30 and 6 a.m., and tickets are 200 rupees for a pair.
  • Tickets for the Kalyanotsavam can be purchased in pairs for Rs.516 at 9 a.m.

The Best Way To Get To Srikurmam Temple

  • The distance between the temple and the Srikakulam Old Bus terminal is 13 kilometers.
  • You may reach the temple in 15 minutes from Srikakulam’s central bus terminal.
  • Getting to Tempe from Srikakulam Station is a 25-mile (40-kilometer) journey.
  • Visakhapatnam, 110 kilometers distant, has the closest airport.

The Specialties Of The Srikurmam KurmanathaSwamy Temple:

  • The main idol in this temple is oriented to the west, which is one of its distinguishing features.
  • The front and back of the temple each feature Dhwajastambams.
  • There are 201 pillars in this temple, and each one has its own unique history.
  • Furthermore, 127 inscriptions written in four languages may be seen throughout the temple.

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