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Know the details about the Srirangam Temple Rooms Online Booking Rent Facilities Devasthanam, Srirangam Devasthanam Rooms Facilities.

The Srirangam Temple is considered to be the most important of the 108 Divya Desams, which are known as the Holy Abodes of Lord Vishnu. It is considered to be one of the eight sacred abodes of Lord Vishnu, which is the place where he first made his appearance. It is possible to make out Lord in this image; he is dressed in black and is resting atop a gigantic snake with seven heads. Both the goddess Sridevi and the goddess Bhudevi would be worshipping at his feet. His sanctified feet are going to be coated with gold.

On his way back from Ayodhya, where he had been present at the coronation of Lord Rama, Vibhishana, the brother of Ravana, supported Rama as he fought. Ravana had killed Vibhishana. Lord Rama bestowed to Vibhana the Idol of Vishnu (Ranganatha Swamy) in a supine posture as a gift. This particular idol was venerated by the Ikshvaku dynasty. While Rama was presenting Vibhishana with the Idol, Rama instructed Vibhishana that the Idol should never set foot on Earth.  It is difficult to relocate the idol again after it has been positioned since it will grow to a size that makes it hard to transfer it from where it is now situated.

Srirangam Temple Rooms Online Booking Rent Facilities Devasthanam And History

Vibhishana forgot about the requirement and accidentally lay the idol on the ground while doing Suryanamaskara on the bank of the River Cauvery. He was shocked to see that the idol had begun to grow. After seeing that his attempts to move the idol were fruitless, he prayed to the Lord for help. The Lord attempted to soothe him by assuring him that he would always be positioned with his back to Lanka and in a reclining position so that he might continue to worship God from his native country.

That is the reason why Lord is seated in this position facing south. Penances were performed by King Dharmavarman, an ardent devotee of Sri Ranganatha Swamy, in order to ensure that the Lord would remain in this location permanently. In order to grant his request, the Lord remained here and comforted Vibhishana. According to legend, King Dharmavarman was the one who built the temple in which the Lord made his permanent residence.

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Accommodations In The Srirangam Temple, Online Booking, And Prices

Price                                    Room categories                                             per person 

750 rupees                         For an air-conditioned double bed                     2 Adults

800 Rupees                       For a Dorm Room with 8 Beds                           8 adults

1100 rupees                       For a Dorm room with 11 beds                          11 individuals

1200 rupees                       For a dorm room with 12 beds                          12 individuals

1300 rupees                       For a dormitory with 13 beds                            13 individuals

1400 rupees                       For a dorm room with 14 beds                         14 individuals

500 rupees                        For a Non-AC Double Bed                                2 Adults

Accommodations In The Srirangam Temple Booking

  • From the moment you check-in, you will have a total of twenty-four hours to use the room.
  • One occupant will not be permitted to occupy the room by themselves.
  • At the time of room allocation, you will be required to make a one-day advance payment for the room rent.
  • At the time of room assignment, a photo ID with the guest’s name must be shown.
  • The individual on whose behalf a reservation was made shall be given possession of the accommodation. There is no provision for personal transfer.
  • Booking cancellation or preponement or postponement is not possible.
  • It is not possible to reserve a bed in a dormitory for only one individual.
  • For room assignment, a printout of the e-ticket must be carried at all times.
  • The length of your stay in the extended room is contingent on availability.
  • One is able to make reservations for a stay up to three days in advance.

This is the complete details about the Srirangam Temple Rooms Online Booking Rent Facilities Devasthanam.


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