Sholingur Temple Rooms Online Booking Accommodation Charges

Know the details about the Sholingur Temple Rooms Online Booking Accommodation Charges, Sholingur Temple Rooms Online Booking, Sholingur Temple Rooms Online Booking Accommodation Charges

The Sholingur Temple is one of the most well-known temples in all of Tamilnadu. For a glimpse of the Lord, thousands upon tens of thousands of devotees make the journey to the Sholingur temple each year. Lord Sri narasimha Swamy makes his home in the Sholingur temple in Tamil Nadu, India. The temple can be found on a hillock that is close to the town of Sholingur. There will be a large number of pilgrims making their way to the Temple because the Lord who resides in this location serves as many of the pilgrims’ personal deity. The journey to the temple will be made on foot by the pilgrims. On top of Sholingur Hill is where you will find the temple. Simply walking will get you to the temple in no time.

The pilgrims would also like to spend the night on the grounds of the shrine. However, the temple does not contain any rooms that are designated as devasthanam. Those travellers who wish to spend the night at the temple can do so in one of the structures there. However, the rooms of the temple are not located at the very top of the hill. Inside the town proper, it can be found down below the hill.

Sholingur Temple Rooms Online Booking Accommodation Charges

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Sholingur Temple Accommodation Charges:

  • The Sholinghur Sri Yoga Lakshmi Narashima Swamy Temple is home to a number of cottages, each of which can be rented for anywhere between Rs. 250 and Rs. 500 for a period of twenty-four hours, depending on the type of accommodation.
  • The non-air-conditioned cottage at Narasimhar Illam costs Rs. 250 per day. Narasimhar Bhavanam is also available.
  • Narasimhar Illam New Cottage offers air-conditioned rooms for a daily rate of Rs. 500/-.

Cottages and Chatrams Available for Rent in the Neighborhood of Sholinghur Temple: 

  • Revur Namperumal Chetty Chatram
  • M.A. Devaraj Kalyana Mandapam
  • V. GuruswamyNaidu Kalyana Mandapam.
  • Krishna Bajanai Manthram
  • Nambillai Ramanuja Ekanki Thavana utchava Mandapam
  • Kurram Akkulu chetty chadram
  • Savambakkam Munuswamy Naidu chatram
  • Puthur Rangaswamy It was a chetty chatram.
  • Rajabathar Ammal & Durai kannamal chatram
  • Narayanadas chatram
  • Chatram with the Maruthuvakula people.
  • In addition to a number of other private buildings is the Srinivasa Lodge.
  • Madras Chatram Adhi-Lakshmi-Ammalian
  • Jagannatha Reddiar chatram
  • Nellore Ramasubbammal chatram
  • L.Jagannatha Reddiar chatram
  • Kandapudi Kuppu Chetty chatram
  • Sri Johnkasa chatram
  • Motel C.A.M. is its name ( Air conditioned Rooms are also available)
  • Sudarsanam Cottage
  • Udyam Lodge

Sholingur Temple Rooms Online Booking:

  • The rooms in the Sholingur temple are equipped with standard conveniences as well as amenities. The rooms are spacious enough to comfortably accommodate two guests at a time.
  • The number of rooms that can be found underneath the temple is constrained. Therefore, the rooms will be assigned on the basis of first come, first served.
  • Those travellers who are interested in staying at the Sholingur accommodation can make their way directly to the temple and make reservations for rooms at the temple office.
  • The minimum amount required to reserve a room is Rs 100. When making a reservation for a room, the pilgrims are required to present their identification cards.
  • The rooms in the Sholingur temple will not be made available to couples who have not yet tied the knot or to single people. Only pilgrims travelling as families will be allowed to stay in the accommodations provided by the temple.
  • Additionally, in the temple office, the pilgrims can make reservations in advance for the temple accommodations.


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