Srirangapatna Pitru Dosha Pooja Online Booking Cost Rituals

Know the details about the Srirangapatna Pitru Dosha Pooja Online Booking Cost Rituals, Pitru Parihara Pooja At Srirangapatna Online Booking.

Sri Ranganatha Swamy is said to have fulfilled the desires of River Cauvery, according to the tales. The first item on the wish list said that she should be praised to the same extent as the river Ganga. The second item stated that the location should be turned into a sacred temple, and the third item stated that worshippers should have their wishes realized. The Puranas refer to the fact that the Ganga mingles with the Cauvery once per year to regain her pristine status.

Pitra Pooja and Pitra Paksha Shradha, when performed in Srirangapatna, have the potential to be highly successful in bringing one’s ancestors some measure of peace. You have the option of doing Pitra Pooja (Pitra Dosh Pooja Cost) in any of these modes, such as offline or online, depending on what is most convenient for you. What are the costs, vidhi, and advantages of doing the Pitra Dosh Pooja?

Pitra Pooja is a powerful ceremony that is conducted by Hindu people in Srirangapatna in order to satisfy one’s ancestors and family members who died in a manner that was not natural to them. People who have pitra dosh in their horoscopes might get relief by performing a ritual called pitra pooja.

Srirangapatna Pitru Dosha Pooja Online Booking Cost Rituals

Sage Gautama, who according to the tales was living on the banks of the river Godavari with his students at the time, was the target of a scheme organised against him by other sages from a region that was experiencing a drought to force him to leave. They were able to bring a cow into existence by using their abilities. The disciples of the wise man Gautama drove the cow out from the paddy fields, where it eventually collapsed at the feet of the wise man and died. Right away, the wise men who had been waiting for this time began to make a racket, claiming that Gautam Rishi was responsible for the slaughter of the cow. Gautama, using his divine abilities, became aware of what had occurred, condemned the sages who were attempting to play their games, and then set off on a journey known as the Theerthayatra. Following his travels to a number of different locations, he finally arrived in Srirangam to worship.

Pitra Dosh Pooja Cost should be performed on the 15 lunar days that fall within the pitru paksha period for optimum results.

The most fortunate day is mahalaya Amavasya Amavasya

  • Solar eclipse
  • Krishna paksha
  • Sunday Amavasya

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Cost Of Pitru Dosha Pooja At Srirangapatanam

The pitra pooja has a starting price of 5500 Indian Rupees (INR).users have access to a wide variety of categories, the specifics of which are determined by the total number of pandits. The Pooja Samagri and Dakshina of the Pandit are Included in the Package. The cost of the Pitra Dosha (Pitru) Pooja is determined by the total amount of time spent doing the puja as well as the number of pandits involved. In order to successfully carry out the Pitra Pooja, the performer is necessary to don a fresh pair of dhoti-kurta and bring along two more changes of clothing. After the end of the pooja, it is essential for the performer to wash themselves.

On the day known as Pitra Pooja, a puja is done to honour one’s ancestors and bring about a state of harmony. Finishing the pooja will take you three hours. The cost of the Pitra Dosh Pooja is determined by the quantity of samagri used and the number of days it is performed. This puja is a simple ceremony that lasts for three days and is carried out by the Hindu family in accordance with the pandit’s instructions.  Pitru Dosh Pooja Cost is a ritual that may be carried out by any class with the assistance of a pandit. There is no increase in the cost of doing this ritual. Because certain pandits take care of arranging the samagri for their clients, the price of it is also subject to variation.

This is the complete details about the Srirangapatna Pitru Dosha Pooja Online Booking Cost Rituals.


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