Swarna Pushparchana Simhachalam Pooja Timings Online Booking

Know the details about the Swarna Pushparchana Simhachalam Pooja Timings Online Booking, Simhachalam Swarna Pushparchana Ticket Details.

There will be a lot of pooja and service at the Simhachalam temple. It is said that Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy makes his home at the Simhachalam temple. The mountain on which the temple stands is known as Simhachalam, thus the temple’s name.

Tens of thousands of worshippers visit the shrine daily. Visitors to Simhachalam come for more than just the sight of the Lord; they also come to worship and perform rituals at the temple. “Special Pooja” refers to this ritual. The devotees are welcome to visit the temple and take part in the many acts of service and worship that are performed there. The temple is one of the most powerful temples, and its removal of negativity from a person’s life is one of its primary functions.

Swarna Pushparchana Simhachalam Pooja Timings Online Booking And Temple History

Although the precise age of the Simhachalam Temple has not been documented elsewhere in history, based on the fact that it retains the splendor of bygone eras in both its construction and its sculptures, we are able to deduce that the temple probably dates back to the year 1098 A.D.

During the year 1267 A.D. Chola King Kulothunga was responsible for the development and construction of the sacred portion of the temple. The history and documentation of the temple date back at least 250 years and can be found in both Telugu and Oriya literature. The worship of a single god is not the primary focus of the temple at this location.

Numerous acts of service to the Lord are carried out by the temple at this location. One of the most significant forms of service and worship, which is the Swarna Pusparchana is a ritual that is carried out at the Simhachalam temple.

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Simhachalam Swarna Pushparchana Ticket Prices

  • Simhachalam Swarna Pushparchana Ticket Prices May Be purchased online.
  • In the Simhachalam temple, the practice of performing the Archana using golden flowers is referred to as Swarna Pushparchana. This pooja is the most renowned as well as the most powerful pooja that is performed at the Simhalachalam Temple.
  • The price of a ticket for the Swarna Pushparchana is Rs. 1,116/-. The number of pilgrims who are permitted to travel on a single ticket is 1. The Swarna Pushparchana can only be performed on Thursdays, according to the second timing.
  • Swarna Pushparchana costs Rs. 2116 a week (every Thursday and Sunday).
  • The Swarna Pushparchana pooja is available for purchase at the temple, which is accessible to the pilgrims.

Online Ticket Resersvations Of Simhacahalam Temple

  • The pilgrims may pick the day of their pooja and reserve their tickets online. Online booking is available. In addition, the pilgrims have the option of making reservations for the pooja days or even weeks in advance.
  • In the event that pilgrims are unable to make reservations for the Swarna Pushparchana online, they are welcome to come to the temple in order to make reservations for the pooja at the temple counter. The allocation counter for the Temple Accommodation Room is open around the clock.
  • On the hill, there are a total of 48 chambers that are designated as Devasthanam. There are also rooms available at the downhill location.
  • Online Reservations May Be Made For The Available Lodging.

How Can I go To The Temple Of Simhachalam?

  • Temple is located 19 km away from Visakhapatnam, a city that has convenient connections by road, air, and train.
  • The distance to the temple from the Visakhapatnam Railway station is 16 km.
  • Visakhapatnam, which is located 12 km away, is home to the closest international airport.

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