Talakadu Temple Timings History Jaladhama Resorts Details

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The ancient city of Talakadu, often spelt Talakad, is located on the banks of the Cauvery River. Located 45 kilometres away from Mysore and 185 kilometres away from Bangalore, the area of Talakadu is famous for its sand dunes. It is said in local folklore that two hunters named Tala and Kada gained moksha by worshipping the god Vaidyanatheswara, and as a result, the location was given their names in honour of their accomplishment. Gajaranyakshetra was an alternate name for this location.

Since it served as the capital of the Gangas for a considerable amount of time, this location has a significant role in Indian history. The Cholas gave the city its name, Rajarajapura when they took control of it after the Gangas had lost control of it. The Hoysalas then took control of it and changed its name. Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana adopted the title ‘Talakadugonda’. After the 12th century, the Vijayanagar Kings and the Maharajas of Mysore were frequent visitors to this location.

Talakadu Temple Timings History Jaladhama Resorts Details

When the Vijayanagara dynasty was defeated by the first Wodeyar king at Srirangapatnam, the legends say that Alamelamma, wife of Tirumalaraya of the Vijayanagara dynasty, escaped to Malingi on the other side of the river Cauvery from Talakad. Malingi is located across the Cauvery from Talakad. She was a devout lady, and as such, she would routinely donate diamonds to the Temples of Talakad so that the idols of goddesses may be adorned with them.

When Raja Wodeyar, who was aware of this fact, attempted to seize the gems that she was transporting with her, she cursed him by uttering “Talakadu Marulagi.” The Puranas detail yet another captivating tale, which is where the Panchalinga celebration got its start.

This tale is where the event got its name. It is stated that two brothers named Tala and Kada, both of whom were hunters, are the origin of the name Talakadu. Something peculiar caught their attention as they travelled closer to the bush. A group of elephants were seen presenting lotuses as an act of respect at a tree located near the river. They discovered that blood was streaming from the base of the tree when they whacked it with an axe out of curiosity.

It is often said that Lord Siva personally travelled to this location and was responsible for the formation of the Lingam that was discovered here. The hunters were stunned until they heard a voice from the heavens instructing them to bandage the ‘wound’ inflicted by the axe using juice extracted from the fruit and leaves of the tree. If the hunters continued to do that, the blood would eventually turn into milk.

After then, the voice instructed them to consume the milk. They were successful, and they got to paradise. The untamed elephants, who turned out to be none other than the Sage Somadatta of Kasi and his disciples, also participated. They were on their way to Talakad, which was once known as Siddharanya Kshetra, in the Vindhya mountains when they were attacked by wild elephants and slaughtered.

Lord Siva had ordered them to do so so that they may achieve nirvana. It is said that when they took their last breath in their previous life, they had fantasised about wild elephants, and as a result, they were reincarnated as elephants. Vaidyeswara, Arkeswara, Vasukiswara, Saikateswara, and Mallikarjuna are the names given to the five shrines that make up the Pancha Lingam.

Talakadu Temple Timings History Jaladhama Resorts Details

This temple was constructed during the Chola dynasty. Moreover, the architectural styles of Hoysala and Vijayanagara may be seen in these constructions. Talakad was ruled by the western Ganga monarchs from around 350 A.D. to 1050 A.D., a period that spans over 500 years. It ended up in the possession of the Chola kings. Throughout the latter years of the 10th century, and remained with them until 1116 A.D., the year when the Hoysalas took control of the province. In the middle of the 14th century A.D., the Vijayanagara rulers acquired control of the region, and then the Wodeyars took it after them.

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Where May One Find The Talakadu Temple?

  • By Air, The Bengaluru International Airport is the closest airport, and it is located 133 kilometres away.
  • By Road, The distance between Mysore and Temple is 45 kilometres.
    Temple is 133 kilometres from Bengaluru. The city of Bengaluru is quite well linked to the rest of the nation.
    The driving time from Bengaluru to Talakadu is around three hours. From Kanakapura Road or Old Mysore Road -> Maddur -> Mallavalli -> Kollegal. At four to five kilometres in, there is a signboard offering directions to Sivasamudram and Talakad. The distance to Talakad from here is 22 kilometres.
  • By Train, The closest train station to Mysore is located 45 kilometres away in the city of Mysore. The Mysore station has excellent connections to the most important regions in India.

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