Thiruparankundram Temple Marriage Booking Procedure

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The temple located in Madurai referred to as Thiruparankundram is said to be the first arupadai veedu, or residence, of Lord Muruga. The Sangam Literature, which was written in the sixth century, is where the earliest historical reference to the temple of Thiruparaankundram can be discovered.

According to legend, King was the one responsible for building the very first temple. Harichandra was a devoted Christian who served the Lord. Siva built a sanctuary on top of this hill where he was worshipped.

Thiruparankundram Temple Marriage Booking Procedure

Around the seventh century, a temple was hewn out of the side of a rock by the Pandya Kings. In later eras, the Nayaks of Madurai were responsible for the construction of mandapams and gopurams. This temple that has been carved into the rock is a beautiful example of human ingenuity. The Thiruparankundram temple is where Murugan makes his home.

A significant number of people who worship Lord Murugan make the trip to the temple. Those who go on a pilgrimage to the Thiruparankundram Temple are doing it for religious reasons. The majority of guests at Thiruparankundram think of the Lord of Thiruparankundram as a personal divinity. Pilgrims would be the ones to carry out the necessary rites at the temple of Thiruparankundram because of this reason.

The vast majority of persons that visit the Thiruparankundram temple will do so with the intention of taking part in a wedding ceremony there. When devotees come to the temple to make preparations for their Thiruparankundram wedding, a hall in the temple is made available for them to utilize.

Thiruparankundram Temple Marriage Booking Procedure

A paper that has been duly signed and delivered by the temple is one alternative type of proof that a marriage has been legally conducted. It is expected of the couple that they would give these images to serve as documentation of their marriage.

Thiruparankundram Temple Marriage Procedure:

  • The Groom cannot marry an individual who is under the age of eighteen.
  • The minimum age requirement for the Groom is a minimum of twenty-one years old.
  • In this category, only marriages that are planned by the Hindu religion are considered legitimate.
  • The delighted pair is going to be required to provide proof that shows they have not entered into a marriage.
  • A photocopy of the couple’s Aadhar cards as well as their birth certificates must be presented by both the bride and the groom.
  • Both the bride’s and the groom’s parents are required to provide a picture identification.
  • It is critical to make advance preparations for the wedding.
  • The marriage cannot go on unless both sets of parents give their blessing.
  • At theĀ present moment, it is not possible to make bookings for weddings online.
  • There are no restrictions placed on individuals who marry within their own ethnic community.
  • You will find a copy of the application for registering a marriage at the front desk for your convenience.
  • At this temple, only Hindu marriages that are prearranged by their families are allowed to take place.

Thiruparankundram Temple Marriage Registration Procedure:

  • Card for Couples Who Are Engaged
  • Photocopies of the Aadhar Cards Will Be Given to the Bride and Groom
  • Wedding Portraits
  • ID with a picture will be required from the bride and groom’s parents.
  • You needĀ to have photocopies of the Aadhar cards of three different witnesses.
  • Temple marriage certificate.

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