1000 Rupees Ticket Online Booking Tirumala TTD Darshan

Know the details about the 1000 Rupees Ticket Online Booking Tirumala TTD Darshan, VIP Darshan Tickets Tirumala Online Booking Here.

The tickets costing one thousand rupees are not sold directly by the Tirumala temple. For the pilgrims to be able to receive the Darshan, they may make reservations for any of the services or offerings. Online, the pilgrims may examine the specifics of the tickets and then book them as soon as they become available. Pilgrims, on the other hand, can make reservations for the Special Darshan that is offered at the temple.

The website for the temple allows visitors to make their reservations for darshan and submit information about the service they want to perform. On certain tickets, just two pilgrims will be permitted, while on other tickets, there will be no limit on the number of pilgrims.

The pilgrims may only book seva for a maximum of two individuals using a single cellphone number. If the pilgrims wish to get extra tickets, they may either book the special darshan or book the seva using another mobile number. If the pilgrims want to book the seva, they can do it through another cellphone number.

At this time, it is not possible to purchase seva tickets or special darshan tickets in person at Tirupati. In the past, the temple would sell tickets offline at the Tirupati counters, but as of recently, that option is no longer accessible.

1000 Rupees Ticket Online Booking Tirumala TTD Darshan

  • The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam temple has launched its online website, allowing worshippers to make reservations and payments using the platform. In comparison to the manual procedure, it is more simpler to use and much quicker.
  • To make a gift, choose the option labeled “Srivani Trust Donations” on the site.
  • When you make your contribution, be sure to print off a copy of the endorsement letter so that it may be turned in at the Bank counter at Tirumala.
  • Be sure to deliver the letter in plenty of time before the day of the darshan when you are expected to pay Rs.500 for the VIP ticket.
  • One Upper Cloth, One Blouse piece, and One Packet of Akshinthalu are Included with the Seva Ticket Bahumanam.
  • You may get this Bahumanam by going to the Laddu Counter Number 42.
  • The devotee is permitted to purchase nine tickets for each member of their family from the temple.

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How To Get VIP Darshan Tickets

To get the VIP darshan, those devotees who have purchased a VIP ticket will need to congregate at the break Darshan entrance located inside Vaikuntam Queue Complex 1 (VQC1) in the early morning hours.

Pilgrims have the opportunity to give the sum in advance, and if they do so, they will be able to purchase a ticket during the following six months. Be aware that after a devotee has availed themselves of their darshan, they will need to reapply in order to have another darshan.

After the pilgrim has paid the required fee of Rs. 1000, the official of the Tirumala temple will provide the ticket. The devoted individual will be given the VIP endorsement letter, which was notoriously difficult to get in previous times.

The support letter will be provided to the devotee by the counter at the temple, which will become operational very soon. In addition to this, the official will also begin selling up to nine tickets per family using the same technique. Donors who have the endorsement letter will need to make an additional contribution of Rs. 500 in order to get the VIP ticket at the bank’s counter. The program can be used away from the web platform, and it will soon be able to do so.

This is the complete details about the 1000 Rupees Ticket Online Booking Tirumala TTD Darshan.


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