Tirumala Parakamani Seva Online TTD Registration Procedure

Know the latest news about Tirumala Parakamani Seva TTD Online Registration Procedure, Tirumala Parakamani Seva Online Registration Procedure

Tirumala Parakamani Seva:

Tirumala Srivari Hundi brings in crores of rupees every day. The corpus hundi is in the corner of the main temple that faces north-northwest. Every day, between 3 and 4 crore rupees were given in cash. A lot of valuable things are also thrown into the corpus hundi by believers. TTD doesn’t have any full-time people who count the Lord’s money. This privilege was given to devotees who worked for public sector banks, private sector banks, the Central Government, or state governments. When registering online, devotees can choose between 3 and 4 days of Seva.

Tirumala Parakamani Seva Online TTD Registration Procedure

Duties of Parakamani Sevaks:

  • How Hundies starts out.
  • Mullas, money, coins, and other things should be kept separate.
  • The knots are undone.
  • Putting things in different piles based on how much they are worth, like gold, valuable stones, food, coins, and so on.
  • From Parakamani Hall, gold, precious stones, groceries, coins, and other things are put in bags, sealed, and sent out.
  • Getting coins apart.
  • Tieing Coin Bags
  • Coin Bags’ Seal
  • Hall No. 1 is sending the signal.
  • The luggage is being kept in the Kanuka Room until it can be sent to Tirupati.
  • So that banks can handle money, they have to separate and store different currencies.

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Details regarding Tirumala Parakamani Seva:

  • The age you can be to apply for Parakamani Seva has gone up from 50 to 65.
  • All Parakamani Sevaks must arrive at Seva Sadan-2 by 3 p.m.
  • People who are late won’t be able to do Parakamani Seva, and the 4PM Demo Class is required.
  • Sevaks who have signed up for Parakamani or General Seva must have a Negative Covid Test report from within the last 72 hours or a Vaccine Certificate showing that both immunizations have been done. This must be done.
  • The Parakamani Sevaks must do service at both Tirumala and Tirupati, according to the TTD.
  • The system has been updated with the latest District and Mandal data for Andhra Pradesh. Sevaks from Andhra Pradesh are now asked to update their information in the Profile options.
  • According to the New G.O. of the Andhra Pradesh Government, the Districts and Mandals have been changed. We want you to make the necessary changes to your profile.
  • In Tirumala, Srivari sevaks live in seva sadan 1 for women and seva sadan 2 for men. These two buildings are behind Kalyana Vedika and next to Varaha Swamy Rest House.

Tirumala Srivari Parakamani Seva Online Booking:

  1. Register, and then use the information you used to register to log in to the Srivari Seva portal.
  2. Update your profile with information about your current job, address, ways to contact you, personal information, and identification.
  3. The page will be made available to you if you meet the requirements to book with Srivari Parakamani Seva.
  4. Now, choose a good time and date for the seva and how long it will last, between three and four days.
  5. Last, make sure that your applicant information and employment information are correct. Upload scanned copies of documents when asked.
  6. The booking receipt will be made when you click the “Submit” button. Using the information you gave, Srivari Parakamani Seva has been booked.

Advantages for parakamani sevaks:

On the last day of the Seva, the devotees will get three small laddu tokens worth Rs.10 each.

On the last day of service, Parakamani Sevaks can do sarva darshan from the main entrance gate.

Parakamani Sevaks must follow this dress code:

  • Should Parakamani Sevaks wear traditional clothes, like a white Dhoti
  • Parakamani Sevaks should not wear or carry mobile phones, cash, gold, silver, other precious or semiprecious stones, watches, rings, bracelets, or any other valuables when they report for Parakamani Seva.
  • Any items they have with them during the Parakamani Seva will be taken away in line with the rules and regulations of the TTD.
  • Parakamani Sevaks must bring a valid AADHAR card number with them when they sign up.

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