Tirumala TTD Kalyana Katta Head Tonsure Timings Today

Know the latest news about the Tirumala TTD Kalyana Katta Head Tonsure Timings Today, TTD KalyanaKatta Tirumala Head Tonsure Timings Today

As soon as you say “TIRUPATI,” you think of tonsuring and laddus. In Tirumala, across from the Free Meals building is a multi-story building called KalyanaKatta. This is where thousands of devotees give their hair to Lord Sri Malayappa. At KalyanaKatta in Tirumala, hundreds of devotees can cut their hair at the same time, and it doesn’t cost anything.

Tirumala Kalyanakatta:

Pilgrims get their heads shaved in Kalyanakatta to keep their promises. At Main and 9 smaller Kalyanakatta, over 1,316 barbers cut hair in four groups around the clock. So that pilgrims don’t have to wait as long, nearly 400 Tonsurers work in shifts. The main building of Kalyanakatta has four large halls called “tonsure halls” that have platforms for both pilgrims and barbers. There is a big place to wait and a well-organized way to line up. There are also 9 small Kalyanakatta that work every day at important spots in Tirumala to massage pilgrims staying in cottages and guesthouses.

Tirumala TTD Kalyana Katta Head Tonsure Timings Today

TTD Kalyana Katta in Tirumala Head Tonsure Timings:

Sl No.AreaTimingsNo. of ShiftsNo. of tonsures allotted per shift
1MAIN KKCOpen 24/7 for devotees4110
2PAC1Open 24/7 for devotees480
3PAC2Open 24/7 for devotees495
4SPRHOpen 24/7 for devotees48
5SVRHOpen 24/7 for devotees47
6GNCOpen 24/7 for devotees319
7NDRHOpen 24/7 for devotees346
8HVCOpen 24/7 for devotees219
9KTRHOpen 24/7 for devotees214
10SGRHOpen 24/7 for devotees214

What It Means to Give Hair to Tirumala at KalyanaKatta:

Neela Devi was the first religious person to give God her hair. Lord Srinivasa gave this hill its name, Neeladri, in honour of her. When a Shepherd hit Lord Srinivasa on the head, a small part of his head went bald. Neeladevi, a princess of the Gandharvas, noticed that there was no hair growth there. She thought that a face that was so beautiful shouldn’t have any flaws. She cuts off a piece of her hair right away and uses her skills to put it on his head.

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Lord Srinivasa watches her sacrifice because hair is thought to be the most beautiful part of a woman, and he says that all the hair worshippers give him in Tirumala or Tirupati belongs to Neeladevi. Giving our hair to God is a way to show that we have let go of our ego. Her name is also where the word “Talaneelalu” comes from.

Important factors to note in Kalyanakatta:

  • All Kalyanakatta have free tonsuring services.
  • Before tonsuring, antiseptics are mixed with water and put on the head. This keeps the skin and other parts of the body from getting sick.
  • Geysers are put in bathrooms so that pilgrims with shaved heads can wash their hair with hot water.
  • For tonsure, the pilgrims are given tokens that are made by a computer.

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