Karthika Pournami Tiruvannamalai Darshan Booking Procedure

Know the latest news about Karthika Pournami Tiruvannamalai Darshan Booking Procedure, Tiruvannamalai Darshan during Karthika Pournami Booking Procedure

Arunachaleswara Temple, also called Annamalaiyar Temple, is a Hindu temple to the god Shiva. It is at the base of Arunachala hill in the town of Thiruvannamalai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is important to the Hindu sect of Shaivism because it is one of the five temples connected to the five elements, or Pancha Bhoota Stalam, and in particular the fire element, or Agni.

Shiva is worshipped as Arunachalesvara or Annamalaiyar. His idol, the lingam, is called Agni lingam and represents him. Unnamalai Amman is a picture of his wife, Parvati. The Tevaram, a Tamil Saiva canonical work from the 7th century, praises the presiding deity. The Tevaram was written by Tamil saint poets called nayanars and is a Paadal Petra Sthalam. The Saiva saint poet Manikkavasagar wrote the Tiruvempaavai here in the 9th century.

Karthika Pournami Tiruvannamalai Darshan Booking Procedure

In Hindu mythology, Shiva’s wife Parvati once shut her husband’s eyes on purpose in a flower garden at their home on Mount Kailash. Even though it was only a moment for the gods, all the light in the universe went out, and the earth was plunged into darkness for years. Along with other people who loved Shiva, Parvati did penance. [7] Then her husband showed up at the top of the Annamalai hills as a huge column of fire and brought light back to the world. [8] He then joined with Parvati to make Ardhanarishvara, Shiva’s form that is half-woman and half-man. [9] The Arunachala, also called the “Red Mountain,” is behind the Arunachaleswara temple and is connected to the temple. [3] The hill itself is holy and is seen as a lingam, which is a symbol of Shiva.

The Arunachalesvara temple is one of the Pancha Bhoota Stalam, or five Shiva temples. Each represents a natural element: earth, water, air, sky, and fire. In the Arunachaleswara temple, Shiva is said to have appeared as a huge column of fire that Brahma and Vishnu could not find the top or bottom of. The main lingam in the shrine is called the Agni Lingam. It stands for duty, virtue, self-sacrifice, and freedom at the end of the Agni kalpa through an ascetic life.

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People think that the Tantric chakras of the human body are personified in the Aathara Stala, which are Shiva temples. The Manipooraga chakra is linked to the Arunachaleswara temple, which is called the Manipooraga stalam. The solar plexus is linked to the Manipooraga chakra.

Karthika Pournami Tiruvannamalai Darshan Booking Procedure:

  • There aren’t Special Darshan at Tiruvannamalai Temple and cannot be booked in advance. During the week, it will take 30 to 45 minutes for Free Darshan and 15 to 20 minutes for Special Darshan. 7 to 8 hours on Pournami day. 
  • On festival days like Girivalam Day, Sivaratri festival days, Karthika Masam, etc., the length of time it takes to get Darshan changes.

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