TTD VIP Darshan Package Chennai Online Booking Tirumala

Know the latest details about TTD VIP Darshan Package Chennai Online Booking Tirumala, TTD VIP Darshan Package Chennai Online Booking Tirumala

If a person wants to donate to the TTD themselves, the TTD will give them the privilege of having a higher priority when it comes to getting a darshan of Lord Venkateswara. The most expedient way to receive darshan in Tirupati is through the breakdarshan service. The best way to take Darshan as quickly as possible is to use the Break Darshan mode. Tirumala Srivani Trust is a part of TTD’s operations.

Travel agencies should be prepared for a large number of pilgrims from Chennai who are interested in booking VIP break darshan packages. There are no official packages sold by APTDC that include tickets for the VIP break. However, there are a number of perks included with the Rs.300 SED ticket.

TTD VIP Darshan Package Chennai Online Booking Tirumala

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TTD VIP Darshan Package Bangalore Online Booking Tirumala:

If someone wants to go to VIP break darshan on their own, they can book a cab from Chennai and purchase tickets on their own.

How to book an online reservation for a TTD VIP Darshan ticket:

  • For the convenience of pilgrims, the Tirumala Tirumala Devasthanam temple recently implemented an online reservation system. It is more convenient and it can be completed much more quickly than the manual way.
  • Rregister online for Srivani Trust
  • Select the “Srivani contribution” tab that is located on the main page.
  • Make a contribution to the Tirumala Bank, and be sure to print out the endorsement letter so that it can be kept on file at the bank.
  • Make sure that the letter is turned in well in advance of the day on which the Rs. 500 payment for the VIP ticket darshan is due.

VIP break darshan pilgrims must remember:

  • One is required to report at the Vaikuntam – I Complex at the hour that is printed on the ticket. A specific dress standard is required for attendance at the VIP Break Darshan.
  • The devotee would be able to experience L1 Protocol Darshan if they purchase this ticket.
  • The cost of accomodation is not included with the darshan ticket.
  • This is a one-time offering, in addition to the devotee receiving their Darshan.
  • The darshan may take up to two hours and thirty minutes to complete, and it will be performed at very close range.
  • After the curtain in front of the god has been drawn back for each group, it will be drawn back again.
  • In terms of compensation, each member of Darshan might receive up to Rs. 90,000.
  • Darshan is performed from five in the morning to seven in the morning.
  • Darshan tickets are not required for children who are under the age of twelve.
  • Even after arriving in Tirumala, a devotee has the opportunity to purchase an L1 Break Darshan ticket at the Donor Cell.
  • Because of the limited number of tickets available on any given day, it is best to purchase them as far in advance as possible.

Attire required for the VIP break darshan are as follows:

  • The men typically dress in pyjamas, a dhoti or kurta, and a white pancha.
  • Dresses such as the saree with a blouse, the Punjabi dress with a dupatta, the Chudidhar with a dupatta, and the half-saree are all examples.

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