1 Lakh Rupees Above Donor Benefits TTD Donation Tirumala

Know the details about the 1 Lakh Rupees Above Donor Benefits TTD Donation Tirumala, TTD Donation Tirumala 1 Lakh Rupees Donor Scheme.

Donations from pilgrims up to tens of thousands of rupees per day are expected to be made to the Tirumala shrine. The Tirumala Temple Department (TTD) will provide unique donor incentives to those pilgrims who contribute cash or money to the Tirumala temple. The information on the TTD 1 Lakh Rupee Above Donor Benefits Tirumala Donation is presented as follows in the following paragraphs.

Those pilgrims who give more than one lakh (one hundred thousand) rupees to the TTD would be eligible for additional rewards. The Darshan tickets will first be used to give advantages to the attendees. The perks, which include discounts on hotels, are also available to the pilgrims. The following is a list of the advantages that the pilgrims would get in exchange for their contribution of one hundred thousand rupees. The pilgrims have the option of making their contribution either online or in person. The pilgrims may make their contributions online by visiting the official website of the TTD.

1 Lakh Rupees Above Donor Benefits TTD Donation Tirumala

1) A room worth one hundred rupees will be provided to the donor and up to five members of the donor’s immediate family once each calendar year.
2) The donor and up to four members of his or her family are able to receive Darshan via the Supadam Entrance, which is only open once per year.
3) Once a year, the Donor will be given an offering of six laddus, which takes place annually.
4) Once a year, a Donor will be given a piece of one Blanket and one Jacket as a Bahuman gift. This gift is given just once per year.
5) All of the aforementioned privileges are available to Donors for Lifetime.
6) The donor may be eligible for a tax break.• Immediately after the contribution, a note of gratitude will be sent to the donor to express appreciation for their generosity.

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TTD Donor Benefits For Contributions Of One Lakh Rupees And Above

  • The contributors will each obtain a passbook that they are required to provide at each and every visit. As a result, in order for us to give you a passbook, we want two photographs that are the size of a passport from you.
  • If you want to make use of the facilities that are part of the donor program, you are required to bring this passbook with you on each and every visit.
  • The donor may seek help from TTD, Tirumala by getting in touch with them. Ph.155257, 0877-2263472
  • Demand Drafts made on any nationalized bank may be handed to the donor’s cell at TTD Tirumala or the donor’s cell at TTD Admn., Building, Tirupati. Donors can also pick up a receipt from any of these locations.
  • It is not until the passbook for the donor has been distributed that the facilities for the donor will become operational. In this case, the donor would only be able to get lodging and darshan on the day of the donation.
  • Gifts in kind are also welcomed, and if the combined value of all of them is more than Rs. 5 Lakhs, they are eligible for the same advantages as financial gifts under the many other donation programs.
  • Before making any contributions of this kind, potential donors are strongly encouraged to send a written notification to the Executive Officer of the TTD in Tirupati and to get receipts from the office each time they do so.
  • If donors have any difficulties, they are strongly encouraged to get in touch with the office that is in charge of the contribution program so that they may get support.
  • Please get in touch with me if you have any additional questions about the TTD Donation programs.
  • You may also call the toll-free number for the TTD, which is 155257, or the Donor Cell in Tirupati, which can be reached at +91-0877-2263472.

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