TTD Tirumala Srivani Trust Donation Tax Exemption Donors Details

Know the latest news about TTD Srivani Trust Donation Tax Exemption Details, Tirumala Srivani Trust Donation Tax Exemption Donors Details

Sri Venkateswara Aalayala Nirmanam Trust (SRIVANI Trust) was set up so that Sri Venkateswara Swamy temples in India could be built and kept up. SRIVANI Trust also has places for religious ceremonies, festivals, and celebrations. It also restores, conserves, preserves, and takes care of Gopurams and other archaeological monuments that show how beautiful Indian culture, customs, and history are.

The SRIVANI Trust was made so that Sri Venkateswara Swamy temples could be built all over the country, especially in SC/ST/BC and poorer section colonies, where people are more open to religion. This Trust also uses the money for other Dharma Pracharam projects and to fix up old and run-down temples. To show how much donors care about Hindu Dharma Parirakshana, the TTD Board has given donors who have given at least Rs.10,000 to this Trust the one-time privilege of VlP Break Darshan.

TTD Tirumala Srivani Trust Donation Tax Exemption Donors Details

Donations to the TTD Tirumala Srivani Trust are exempt from tax.

The phrase “Karta Karayite chaiva prerakas syonu modaka,” which means “one who organizes or carries out a noble task, encourages, approves, and derives pleasure from it, enjoys all the fruits of such a good deed,” describes someone who organizes or carries out a noble task, encourages, approves, and derives pleasure from it. We beg all donors to give generously to the “Sri Venkateswara Aalayala Nirmanam Trust” (SRIVANI) to help this holy cause. Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temples and the reconstruction, protection, maintenance, and upkeep of Gopurams and archaeological buildings in every village and town are needed for the public’s benefit and to show off the beauty of Indian culture, tradition, and history. For this project, donations of any size are welcome.

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Donations to the Trust that are less than Rs.1000/- will be put into Srivani Trust’s account without the Donor’s knowledge. All donations are put in a bank that is owned by the government, and the interest is used to help the Trust reach its goals.

Checks or demand draughts made out to any Scheduled Bank can be used to send money.

  • The Executive Officer of Sri Venkateswara Aalayala Nirmanam Trust, 
  • TTD, Tirupati

This should be sent to the Additional Financial Advisor and Chief Accounts Officer at T.T.D., Tirupati, 517501.

For more information, call 155257 or 0877-2264258. People, businesses, and other groups can all give donations.

Note: Section 80(g) of the Indian Income Tax Act says that Income Tax can be waived for donations to SRIVANI Trust.

How to make a gift to the SRIVANI Trust:

  1. Use your credentials to log in to the TTD website.
  2. Under “Donations” on the Menu, click on “SRIVANI Trust Donations.”
  3. Click “Keep giving” to give more.
  4. Check to see if darshan is available before you pay for it.
  5. Pay if there are slots open on the dates you want.
  6. Enter 10,000 and click Continue after looking at the chart.
  7. Or give any other amount if you are booking more than one Break Darshan. Up to nine darshans can be reserved.
  8. For more than one ticket, enter the total from the table above and choose the number of pilgrims from the dropdown menu below. If you want to share tax benefits with another pilgrim, choose “Joint donor” and fill out the other fields.
  9. Fill out the information about the pilgrim and click “Next.”
  10. Make sure that all the information on the ID card is correct.
  11. Choose a way to pay and Make a Payment
  12. Credit/debit cards and Internet banking are both ways to pay.
  13. After the payment is made, a Donation Receipt will be made.
  14. Pilgrims may get tax breaks under Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act if they do this.

Instructions crucial for devotees and pilgrims:

  • Should bring a valid ID card and a “Darshan” ticket, as instructed on the ticket.
  • Should wear regular clothes
  • Should bring proof that they’ve had two shots
  • If you don’t get a shot, you have to get an RT-PCR negative certificate 48 hours before the darshan date.

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  1. I have been said that we cant claim 80G tax exemption for Srivani trust donations made by TTD Helpline. Please let me know whether the trust donation to Srivani is eligible to Income tax donation?

  2. Pranam, Please provide the PAN number of Srivari trust. How to get the tax exemption certificate?
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