2023 Holi Date In India Calendar Festival Holiday Pooja Timings

Know the details about the 2023 Holi Date In India Calendar Festival Holiday Pooja Timings, 2023 Holi Date In India and Pooja Timings, 2023 Holi Date In India 

Holi is an old Hindu religious holiday that is also called the Festival of Colors, the Festival of Spring, and the Festival of Love. It is one of the most popular Hindu holidays. It remembers the victory of Lord Vishnu as Narasimha Narayana over Hiranyakashipu and celebrates the eternal and divine love between Radha and Krishna. It also shows that good always wins over evil. It started on the Indian subcontinent and is mostly celebrated there, but the Indian diaspora has helped it spread to other parts of Asia and the West.

Holi is one of India’s most well-known festivals that people look forward to. It is the celebration of colours, brotherhood, peace, and prosperity that brings people together across all social, economic, and religious lines.

2023 Holi Date In India Calendar Festival Holiday Pooja Timings

2023 Holi Date In India and Festival Pooja Timings:

Holi will be on Tuesday, March 7, 2023. 

Holi Tithi Tithi (Phalgun Purnima) Dates and Times: 

March 6, 4:17 p.m. to March 7, 6:10 p.m.

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Holi is the last big holiday of winter. The Hindu calendar says that Holi is celebrated on the last Purnima, or full moon day, of the month of Falgun. According to the English calendar, it happens in February or March.

How Holi Came to Be:

Hindu mythology says that the demon king Hiranyakashipu and his sister Holika were given the gift of immortality and could not be killed by anyone in the universe. His son Prahlada was a follower of Lord Vishnu, which made Hiranyakashipu angry. In a fit of rage, he tried to kill his son, but failed. At last, he got help from his sister, Holika. He told Prahlada to sit on Holika’s lap in front of the fire.

Vishnu saved Prahlada by a miracle, but Holika was turned into ashes. So, Holi is a celebration of “good” winning over “bad.” Holi also remembers the love that Lord Krishna and Radha had for each other.

During Holi, there are many stories about the different “ras-leelas” that Krishna and Radha did in the cities of Mathura and Vrindavan. People believe that on this day, Lord Shiva killed the God of Love, Kamadeva.

How Holi is done:

  • People play with colours and water and put “gulal” on each other’s faces on this day. Natural things like neem, kumkum, turmeric, and flower extracts are used to make these colours.
  • In the evening, people worship by lighting huge bonfires and throwing cow dung cakes, wood, ghee, milk, and coconuts into them. It’s called Holika Dahan.
  • People dance, sing, and eat with their families and friends. In farming communities, Holi also marks the start of the new harvest season, called Rabi.
  • In different cities in Uttar Pradesh and other parts of North India, there are big fairs called “Holi Melas.”
  • In Bengal, Holi is known as Doljatra. During Doljatra, young girls wear white and saffron clothes and wear garlands and flowers on their heads. They sing and dance to traditional music. 
  • During this event, fragrant coloured powder called “abir” is thrown all over the place as a sign of joy and happiness. On this day, special sweet dishes like malpua, kheer, and basanti sandesh are made.
  • In Karnataka, the Holi-style folk dance known as “Bedara vesha” is done.
  • This day is known as Panguni Uthram in Tamil Nadu. People think that Rama and Sita, Shiva and Parvati, and Muruga and Devsena all got married on this day. Also, Mahalakshmi Jayanthi is a holiday that remembers when Mahalakshmi came to life from a sea of milk.

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