2023 Thai Krithigai Date Timings Tamil Calendar Online

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What exactly is Thai Krithigai:

Krithigai is a Hindu astrological star. On the day that this star falls in the Tamil month of Thai, Krithigai Pooja is observed. Lord Muruga or Skanda’s devotees regard it as extremely auspicious. When Lord Muruga was born as six newborn, he was cared for by the Karthigai ladies. As a reward for their dedication, Lord Shiva conferred the status of stars on them. 

Krithigai occurs once a month, but Aadi Krithigai (July-August) and Thai Krithigai (Jan-Feb) are particularly special because they occur in the first month of Uttarayana Punyakalam (holy period when the sun moves northwards) and Dakshinayana Punyakalam (holy period when the sun moves southwards), respectively. Worship Lord Muruga on these auspicious days if at all possible to obtain His blessings.

2023 Thai Krithigai Date Timings Tamil Calendar Online

Lord Muruga or Skanda followers regard Karthigai, or Krithigai Nakshatra, in the Tamil month Thai to be particularly auspicious. The date for Thai Karthigai 2023 is January 30. Kirthigai is the Nakshatra or natal star linked with Lord Muruga or Subrahmanya, and the Karthigai Nakshatram day is considered auspicious. Skanda followers perform special pujas and fast on Thai Karthigai day.

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2023 Thai Krithigai Date importance:

  • Many devotees fast on this day and walk to Lord Muruga Temple with Kavadi on their shoulders and Pal Kuddam (milk pots) on their heads.
  • Muruga temples are lavishly ornamented, and traditional musical instruments and melodies are sung incessantly.
  • On this day, a special abhishekam is done on Lord Muruga with milk, curd, panchamirtham, soft coconut water, sandalwood paste, honey, rose water, and other auspicious goods. In some regions, there will also be a parade of Lord Muruga through the temple streets.
  • Thaipusam is the most well-known and important event celebrated in Thai month.

Thai Krithigai’s Importance:

The entire Thai month is packed with grand celebrations. “Thai Piranthal Vazi Pirakkum,” which translates as “the month of Thai is the forerunner of prosperity,” is a common proverb in Tamil. Lord Muruga’s worship has always been accompanied by immense piety, and worshippers are considered to have deep and violent love for the Almighty. To overcome the hurdles in their lives, they practise intense penance and meditation. It is also obvious that many people would come to show their respects to the Lord for the fulfilment of their prayers.

Thai Krithigai Rituals:

Worship of Lord Muruga is always associated with fervent devotion, with prayers and rites demonstrating the degree of the devotees’ love for the Lord. On this day, many devotees fast and take Kavadi, Pal Kudam, and padayatra (walk) to Lord Muruga Temples. Devotees might be observed chanting Lord Muruga hymns and playing percussion instruments at temples. Special Yagnas will be performed in temples. On this day, many people would fast and worship the Lord for days, consuming only milk, fruits, and cooked lentils as basic foods.

The Advantages of Celebrating Thai Krithigai:

  • Lord Muruga will protect his worshippers’ lives and assist them in reaching new heights of achievement.
  • All difficulties in life would be erased.
  • Lord Muruga preserves his disciples’ lives like an amulet and protects them from all the perils of life.

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