Bathukamma Festival Telangana Telugu Songs Lyrics List Online

Know the latest details about the Bathukamma Festival Telangana Telugu Songs Lyrics List Online, Bathukamma Festival Telangana Telugu Songs Lyrics List

Bathukamma Festival Telangana Speciality:

Telangana’s Bathukamma is a colourful flower festival that is celebrated by the women of the area with exotic flowers. Over the years, the festival has become a sign of the culture and identity of Telangana. Bathukamma comes at the end of the monsoon season, before winter starts.

The monsoon rains usually fill up the ponds and tanks in Telangana with a lot of water. This is also the time when wild flowers bloom in bright colours across the region’s uncultivated and dry plains. “Gunuka” (or “Gunugu”) and “Tangedu” are the most common of these flowers. Other flowers include the “banti,” “chamanti,” “nandi-vardhanam,” and so on.

Bathukamma Festival Telangana Telugu Songs Lyrics List Online

This time of year is also a great time to try “shilpakka pandlu” or “sitaphalalu,” which are both names for custard apples. People often call the custard apple the “poor man’s apple” because it grows in the wild with little or no water and tastes good. The corn (called “jonna” and “mokka jonna”) is ready to be picked. Among these, the women of Telangana celebrate Bathukamma, which calls attention to the beauty of nature’s many flowers.

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Bathukamma Festival Telangana:

  • The festival starts a week before the grand finale of the Bathukamma festival, called “Saddula Bathukamma,” which happens two days before Dassera. 
  • Women usually go back to their parents’ homes after visiting their husbands’ families. There, they can enjoy the fresh air and celebrate the colours of flowers.
  • They make small “Bathukammas” and play around them every night for a week before putting them in a nearby water pond. 
  • On the last day, the men of the house go out into the wild plains to gather flowers like “gunuka” and “tangedu.” They bring home bags full of these flowers, and everyone in the house gets together to stack them.
  • The flowers are carefully placed in a brass plate (called a “taambalam”) in rows of different colours that go around in a circle. 
  • The Bathukamma keeps getting bigger, which is a good thing. Water paints are used to colour the white “gunuka” flowers, and Bathukamma has colourful layers of them with “tangedu” in between. 
  • The Bathukamma is then put in front of the family god while prayers are said.
  • As night falls, the women dress in their brightest and most beautiful clothes, add a lot of jewellery, and put the Batukamma in their courtyard. 
  • Around it, the women of the neighbourhood also gather in a big circle. They start singing songs by going around each other over and over, making a beautiful circle of love, unity, and sisterhood.
  • Before it gets dark, the children play in circles around the “Batukammalu,” and then the women carry them on their heads to a larger body of water near the village or town. 
  • The women and “Bathukammalu” are beautifully dressed and decorated for the procession. During the procession, groups of people sing folk songs together, making the streets echo with the music.
  • After another round of playing and singing, the Bathukammalu are slowly put into the water when they reach the water pond. Then, they give the “maleeda” (a sweet made from sugar or raw sugar and corn bread) to family members and people in the neighbourhood. 
  • They sing songs about Bathukamma as they walk back to their homes with empty “taambaalam.” All week long, the songs of Bathukamma can be heard in the streets until late at night.

Bathukamma Festival Telangana Telugu Songs Lyrics List:

  1. Ememi Puvvoppune Gowramma Ememi Kayoppune
  2. Chithu Chithula Bomma Shivuni Muddula Gumma
  3. Rama Rama Rama Uyyalo Ramane Srirama
  4. Rama Rama Rama, Uyyalo Rama, Nandi Rama Uyyalo
  5. Usirika Chettukinda Uyyalo Bathukamma Telugu
  6. Nee Bidda Perenti Uyyalo Bathukamma
  7. Shukra Varamnadu Uyyalo Bathukamma
  8. Okkokka Akshinthalu Gowramma Okka Malle Saaralu
  9. Panditlo Unnayi Uyyalo Pagadala Rasulu Uyyalo Bathukamma
  10. Okkesi Puvvesi Chandamama Bathukamma
  11. Sree Rama Chadrudu Uyyalo Seetha tho Kudi Uyyalo

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