2023 Vaigasi Masam Start End Dates Tamil Calendar Festivals

Know the details about the 2023 Vaigasi Masam Start End Dates Tamil Calendar Festivals, 2023 Vaigasi Masam Start End Dates Tamil Calendar Festivals

Indian culture is beautiful because of its ancient calendar that the states adhere to. People in various states use several yearly calendars. As well, the new the beginning of the year varies by state. The Tamil people as well as those living outside of Tamilnadu state will use various calendars. Those who adhere to the Tamil calendar will monitor all areas.

Inside the calendar. The Tamil calendar will have 12 months, much like the English calendar does. The second one is the Vaigasi Masam. Calendar month in the tamil language. The Vaigasi Masam dates, including holidays and celebrations, are shown below. According to the Tamil calendar.

2023 Vaigasi Masam Start End Dates Tamil Calendar Festivals

Tamil Vaigasi Masam 2023 Dates of Start and Finish of Festivals

  • The Vaigasi Masam for the year 2023 will begin on May 15, 2023.
  • The Vaigasi Masam for the year 2023 expires on June 14, 2023.

The Vaigasi Masam is the period of time between the aforementioned dates. The Vaigasi region is celebrating something. Masam. The public will also view Vaigasi Masam as a positive month.

In the Tamil calendar, the month is seen as having both positive and terrible aspects.

In the good months, people will start new projects or participate in events. also the populace

will be idle throughout the difficult months. For the Vaigasi Masam to go properly, people will be looking for the Muhurtham dates. For information on the Vaigasi Masam’s auspicious and bad months, pilgrims must speak with an astrologer. As a form of pilgrimage, people will also visit the temples during the Vaigasi Masam. however not in the southern states because the summertime temperature will be very high.

Tamil DatesDates of the Vaigasi 
Thingal Theipirai Thithi Sunyam Vaigasi,May 15, 2023
Chevvai Theipirai Thithi Sunyam VaigasiMay 16, 2023.


Budhan Theipirai Thithi SunyamMay 17, 2023,
Budhan Theipirai Thithi SunyamMay 18, 2023
Vaigasi 4, Vyalan Theipirai Chaturdashi Vaigasi May 19, 2023,
Velli Theipirai Amavasai VaigasiMay 20, 2023, 
Vaigasi 6, Sani Valarpirai Prathamai Vaigasi21-May-2023,
Vaigasi 7, Nyaayiru Valarpirai Dwitiya Vaigasi22-May-2023
Thingal Valarpiriya VaigaiMay 23, 2023
Chevvai Valarpirai Chathurthi VaigasiMay 24, 2023
Budhan Valarpirai Panchami VaigaiMay 25, 2019,
Vyalan Valarpirai Shashti VaigasiMay 26, 2023
Vaigasi 12, Velli Valarpirai Saptami Vaigasi May 27, 2023
Sani Valarpirai Ashtami, May 28
Nyaayiru Valarpirai Navami, May 29, 
Thingal Valarpirai Dasami,May 30, 2023
Vaigai 16, Chevvai Valarpirai EkadasiMay 31, 2023,
Vaigai 17, Budhan Valarpirai Dwadashi, June 1, 2023
Vyalan Valarpirai Trayodasi On June 2, 2023, 
Velli Valarpirai Chaturdashi., June 3,
Sani Valarpirai Pournami Vaigasi June 4, 2023
Nyaayiru Theipirai Prathamai Vaigasi June 5
Thingal Theipirai Dwitiya Vaigasi Week of June 6, 2023 
Chevvai Theipirai TritiyaJune 7, 2023
Budhan Theipirai Chathurthi,  June 8, 2023
Vyalan Theipirai PanchamiJune 9, 2023
Velli Theipirai Shashti Vaigasi  June 10, 2023
Sani Theipirai Saptami Vaigasi on Saturday,June 11, 2023
Nyayiru Theipirai Ashtami Vaigasi June 12
Vyalan Theipirai Trayodasi Vaigasi13-Jun-2023
Thingal Theipirai Titittuvam Vaigasi14-Jun-2023
Chevvai Theipirai Ekadasi Vaigasi15-Jun-2023

The date of Vaikasi Visakam is determined by the Tamil calendar, and on the Gregorian calendar, it corresponds to the month of May or June. In the year 2023, the day designated to celebrate Vaikasi Visakam will be Friday, June 2nd. The beginning of the Visakam nakshatra will take place at 6:23 PM on June 1 and will last till 5:46 PM on June 2.

Vaikasi Visakam Festival’s Importance

Worshiping Lord Murugan, the god of bravery, fortune, and knowledge, is thought to drive out all evil elements from one’s life, which manifest as sadness, negativity, grief, and other negative emotions. The Vaikasi Visakam festival denotes that Lord Murugan would exterminate the evil elements present in a person’s life in a similar manner to how he exterminated the demonic Soorapadam.

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