Chennai Temple Wedding Pooja Hall Booking Cost Procedure

Know More Briefly About The Chennai Temple Wedding Pooja Hall Booking Cost Procedure, Dates, Timings, Purohit, Location, And Other Info

  • Outside the temple, at the marriage hall, devotees may take Darshan and also be married.
  •  For around ten minutes before the major deity, weddings are permitted within the temple.
  •  When worshipping the supreme god, only knots may be tied. The temple is not necessary for the performance of other marital rites. 
  • The temple is a no-food, no-Nadaswaram, no-decorations zone. 

Chennai Temple Wedding Pooja Hall Booking Cost Procedure

  • There is a limit on the number of guests that may attend the primary deity’s wedding due to COVID regulations.

The Chennai Hindu Wedding Ritual:

  • The age requirement for the bride is 18.
  • The future bridegroom must be above the age of 21.
  • The couple must both adhere to the Hindu faith.
  • The temple only recognizes weddings that have been prearranged.
  • Aadhar card photocopies for the bride and groom
  • Parents of the bride and groom Copies of Aadhar cards
  • Photocopies of the bride and groom’s secondary school leaving examination results or birth certificates
  • The Thasildhar or MRO’s signature is required on the marriage certificate.
  • Because each day only permits a small number of weddings, planning beforehand is essential.
  • When the temple is open, couples may tie the knot.
  • The wedding couple’s two passport-sized pictures
  • After the ceremony, the temple officials will issue the legal marriage certificate.
  • The number of available wedding halls in the temple complex is few. Only one or two weddings each day are possible.

Chennai’s Best Temples for Weddings:

  • Temple of Vadapalani Murugan
  • The Shrine of Murugan (Kundrathur)
  • Temple of Murugan (Thiruporur)
  • Temple of Kapaleeswara in Mylapore
  • Near Chennai is the Tiruttani Murugan Temple, one of the six shrines dedicated to the Hindu god Murugan.
  • Temple of Murugan at Teynampet

Chennai Temple Wedding Pooja Hall Booking Cost Procedure

  • Copies of the Aadhar cards for the bride and groom.
  • Photocopies of the parents’ Aadhar cards for the bride and groom.
  • Wedding party certificates or a photocopy of the couple’s TC.

Guidelines for Marriages inside Temples:

  • Marriage is an important social institution that helps keep our society running smoothly.
  • The need to demonstrate paternity arose with the advent of the concept of property and ownership, yet marriage did not exist among early man. 
  • Therefore, people started settling down with their partners and marriage became the norm.
  • The institution of marriage has given birth to several legal protections, including inheritance rights.
  • As it now exists, marriage provides the foundation for several legal safeguards, such as the right to marry, the right to maintenance and inheritance, and many more. 
  • If a marriage is invalidated, neither spouse will get any benefits that would have been due to them during the marriage’s existence. 
  • The validity of a marriage is of the utmost importance; as a consequence, it is natural to wonder what formalities must be fulfilled before a couple may wed in a temple.
  • A religious ceremony has historically been one option for achieving this union. A marriage conducted in a temple is just as valid as any other marriage if all legal requirements are completed. 
  • Although most individuals are accustomed with being married and many Hindu families carry out the required rites and ceremonies, it is vital to be aware of any legal criteria that must be satisfied prior to getting married in a temple.
  • This is due of the rise in “temple marriages,” which can be traced back to an increase in “love weddings.”
  • The problem isn’t with getting married; it’s with protecting the marriage’s legal standing if it’s ever contested.
  • Given that many young people in today’s society lack this basic knowledge, solving this problem is of the utmost importance.

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