Alampur Jogulamba Temple Rooms Online Booking Facilities

Know the details about the Alampur Jogulamba Temple Rooms Online Booking Facilities, Online Booking Room Cost Details Of Jogulamba Temple.

The Alampur Jogulamba Temple is widely considered to be one of the most significant religious sites in the whole region of Telangana. Every day, the temple is frequented by tens of thousands of devotees. The temple is where the deity known as Lord Jogulamba Devi makes his home. The sighting of the Lord, known as the “Darshan,” will draw devotees from far and wide to the temple year after year. The incarnation of the Lord known as Parvathi Devi may be seen here. Because of this, the vast majority of the visitors to the Alampur Jogulamba Temple will be devout followers of the Shakthi.

The Telangana Government has given the Alampur Jogulamba Temple its full attention in terms of its construction, and the temple has been ranked among the most significant historical monuments in the state.

In order to participate in the pooja and the special seva, the devotees will make their way to the Alampur Jogulamba Temple. The vast majority of the travelers who made their way to the temple intended to spend the night there. In order to fulfill this need, the temple has constructed a limited number of chambers just for the pilgrims to use as lodging. The following information pertains to the online reservation of accommodations at the Alampur Jogulamba Temple.

Alampur Jogulamba Temple Rooms Online Booking Facilities And Process Of Reserving A Room

  • To check into a room, you are required to provide a valid photo ID.
  • A receipt for the hotel booking must be shown in order to be assigned a room.
  • There is a limit of 2 adults and 1 kid less than 5 years old.
  • There is no provision for a single occupant in the room.

Online Reservations For Accommodation At The Alampur Jogulamba Temple

  • Pilgrims who are interested in staying overnight near the Alampur Jogulamba Temple may make reservations at the Haritha guesthouse, which is under the purview of the Telangana State tourism department.
  • Pilgrims have access to a number of other local hotels in addition to the Haritha Hotel in Alampur, which is specifically designed to accommodate them. After arriving at the temple, pilgrims may also make reservations for accommodations provided by the temple.
  • However, the Alampur Jogulamba Temple does not yet provide online reservations for accommodations provided to pilgrims. The pilgrims are required to go to the temple in person and make reservations for one of the temple chambers.
  • ▪ The pilgrims are welcome to come to the office of the temple and inquire there about the availability of rooms. There will be moments during the busiest seasons of the year when the rooms in the temple will be unavailable. In this particular scenario, the pilgrims are required to make reservations for accommodations outside.

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Location Of Lodging In Alampur

Accommodation Prices, Reservations, and Locations in Alampur

Room Categories    Number of Rooms      Cost Details

  • Ac Suite                         2                         Rs.2300 + GST
  • Room AC                      16                        Rs.1050 + GST
  • Room AC                      18                        Rs.2100 + GST

For Non-AC they charged Rs. 600 plus GST During times of high demand, the prices shown above might be subject to change.

When reserving the accommodation, you are required to provide the check-in and check-out times.

Number of occupants that are permitted in a single room: 2

The cost of an additional bed in an air-conditioned room is 300 rupees.

The cost of an additional bed in a non-AC room is Rs. 200.

Location of Cottage: 1.2 Kilometres from the Temple.

This is the complete details about the Alampur Jogulamba Temple Rooms Online Booking Facilities.

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