Badami Caves History Temple’s Timings Painting’s Information

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Historical documents indicate that Badami was referred to by a variety of names throughout its history. There are a few other names for the city that served as the capital under the Chalukya dynasty: Vatapi, Vatapipura, and Vatapinagari. The settlement may be found at the end of a gorge that runs between several high mountains made of sandstone of a reddish color. According to the Hindu writings known as the Puranas, the evil demon Vatapi was the inspiration for the naming of the location.

Along with his brother Ilvala, Vatapi deceived and murdered more than 9,000 people. Hence, the mythical sage Agastya could put a stop to the demon brothers by using the dharmic abilities at his disposal. The Chalukya dynasty was established by Pulakeshi I in the year 540 CE. The monarch decided to make the city of Vatapi (now known as Badami) his capital since it was surrounded on three sides by steep sandstone cliffs.

Badami Caves History Temple’s Timings Painting’s Information

The Chalukya dynasty held sway over a significant portion of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu throughout the sixth to eighth centuries. Kirtivarman and Mangalesha, sons of Pulakeshi I, were responsible for the construction of the well-known temples that can be seen in the Badami Caves. The cave temples of Badami may be found in the town of Badami, which can be found in the middle of the state of Karnataka in India.

The temples are located around 87 miles (140 kilometers) northwest of Hampi and 88 miles (142 kilometers) east of Belgavi (IATA Code: IXT). It is about 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) till you reach the Malaprabha River. The cave temples are located 22 miles (35 km) from Aihole, which is another site that has over a hundred ancient and early medieval period Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist structures.

Badami Caves History Temple’s Timings Painting’s Information

Pattadakal, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, is just 14 miles (23 km) away from the cave temples. Badami is famous for its many temples, some of which are structural and others of which are rock-cut, dating back to the sixth and seventh centuries. Badami was formerly the capital of the Chalukyas. Pulakeshi I, who ruled from 535 to 566 AD, is credited with laying the foundations for Badami, which at the time was known as Vatapi. Badami Caves History Temple’s Timings Paintings Informations

There are four caves that were inhabited during the time of the Eastern Chalukyas:

  • Cave 1: It is a moderately sized chamber that was constructed about 550 AD and is dedicated to Lord Siva. Ganesh, Karthikeya, and Mahishasura Mardhini are some of the deities whose images can be seen carved here. This cave has the form of an L.
  • Cave 2: The second cave, the smallest of them all, is named after Lord Vishnu.
  • Cave 3: also the largest, is named for Lord Siva and was discovered by him. It is known that the Carvings correspond to the year 578 AD during the reign of King Mangalesa since the inscriptions provide this information.
  • Cave 4: is devoted to the Jains. Sculptures commissioned for Mahaveer.

Badami Caves Entry Fees:

Entry forTicket CostDetails
Adult (SAARC Countries and BIMSTEC CountriesRs.15SAARC Countries
( Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan,
Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives
and Afghanistan).
BIMSTEC Countries
(Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan,
Sri Lanka, Thailand
and Myanmar)
Children (under 15 years)FreeAll

Restaurants Near

At this time, Aihole does not provide any specialized dining options. Restaurants serving a rather traditional Indian cuisine may be found in Badami Town. In the event that prior notice is provided, the Hotel Mayura Chalukya is able to provide both Chinese and Continental cuisine.

Important Cultures Of The Town

  1. Festival held in the Banashankari Temple close to Badami throughout the months of January and February.
  2. March is the month of the Virupaksha temple Car Festival at Pattadakal.
  3. Mallikarjuna Temple Festival at Pattadakal in March-Ap.

Transportation Facilities

  • Air: Hubli International Airport is the closest airport and is located 108 kilometers away. Belgaum is 141 kilometers distant.
  • Train: The closest train stations are located at Badami (BDM), followed by Hubali (UBL)
  • Bus: Direct bus service is offered from the major cities in the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, as well as Goa.

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This Is The All Information About Badami Caves History Temple’s Timings Painting’s Information.


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