Bare Foot Walk Tirumala Hidden History Timings Entry Fees

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Thousands of worshippers begin their journey to the hill temple of Lord Venkateswara by setting out from their homes in villages around the northwest corner of Tamil Nadu. They put on quite a show for passers-by as they march through town in neat lines, all decked up in bright yellow robes. Every year between September and November, in time for Lord Venkateswara’s annual Brahmotsavams, it is said that up to two hundred thousand worshippers walk the many miles to Tirumala.

Walkathons may last from one week to one month, depending on the size of the group. Older devotees (between the ages of 62 and 75) are included in the batches, but their commitment is inspiring to anybody who happens to pass by. It seems that the vast majority of the female worshippers go about barefoot.

Bare Foot Walk Tirumala Hidden History Timings Entry Fees

  • During these two months, the highways leading to Tirupati are swarmed with devotees from all across southern India, including the cities of Chennai and Salem, Erode, Villupuram, Dharmapuri, Theni, Tiruvnnamalai, Kancheepuram, Vellore, and Krishnagiri. Kuppam, Palamaner, Chittoor, and Tirupati are among the most popular locations for religious travelers, and they can be reached by national routes from Chennai that pass via Satyavedu and Nagari.
  • Among a group of seven hills is where you’ll find the temple devoted to Lord Balaji. The names of these mountains include Seshadri, Neeladri, Garudadri, Anjanadri, Vrushabadri, Narayanadri, and Venkatadri. The footpath goes over only two of these hills, bringing the entire distance to somewhere about 9 kilometers.
  • From Alipiri, you may walk a footpath to the top of the hill, and that’s what this article will cover. My goal here is to talk about the services provided by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) for foot pilgrims. When you next visit the temple, I hope this knowledge will be useful to you. Tirupati is conveniently accessible from every direction because of its well-developed network of highways, railroads, and airports.
  • The starting point of the pedestrian path is a place called “Alipiri,” which can be reached from the airport, the railway station, and the bus terminals by using any of the many different forms of public transit. If you’re driving yourself, you may park in Alipiri and then up the steps from the main entrance. Alipiri At the very start of the procedure, you’ll discover a TTD-managed baggage carry desk where you may drop off your bags for free.

Bare Foot Walk Tirumala Hidden History Timings Entry Fees

  • Stop at this counter to deposit any bags or belongings you won’t be needing on the pedestrian route. Just take the bare minimum, like money, a camera, and some water. Luggage is usually delivered to Tirumala in less than two hours, and after pilgrims have reached the top of the hill, they may recover their stuff by showing the voucher they were given when they dropped off their luggage.
  • A walk might take anything from 2.5 hours to 4.4 hours, depending on how to fit you are.
  • There may be various advantages to barefoot walking here. Most of the path is built from massive stone blocks that have been painstakingly fitted together with adhesive.
  • Your feet will benefit from an acupressure treatment while you walk on these stone slabs since their surface is not perfectly flat and level. This stimulates the pressure points in your feet, which in turn revitalizes the parts of your body they control. If you don’t already have a regular workout routine, the first thousand steps will be a real test of your fitness.
  • The first few flights of steps are challenging, but remember that you can always take a stop to admire the breathtaking scenery. Many tree species line the sidewalk from beginning to end on both sides. You may rest and resume your journey with the help of the rails. The concrete roof that covers much of the walkway means that neither intense sunlight nor rain will be a problem. The TTD’s ease of use of this method is commendable.

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