Tirupati Temple Wedding Process Timings Online Booking Package

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In addition to the Vaikuntam-I entrance, there is also a Marriage Hall built just behind the main temple. Kalyanavedika is where multi-couple wedding ceremonies take place. Given that the Kalyanotsavam is held every day in honor of the primary god, the wedding may go through even if it isn’t the Muhurtham period.

It is widely believed that a happy future awaits the husband and wife who tie the knot at Tirumala. No unions are legal unless officiated by a god other than the one most worshipped. For obvious reasons, the temple is no place for tying the knot. Marriages for devotees are traditionally held apart from the temple, with the Darshan of Lord Balaji coming afterward.

Darshan may be done on the newlyweds while they are still dressed for the occasion. Reception halls may range in size from being able to hold 50 guests to be able to hold 500 guests. It is recommended that large venues be booked 3–6 months in advance.

 Tirupati Temple Wedding Process Timings Online Booking Package

Inter caste Marriages (Purohit Sangam)

  •  You must make your reservation at least 30 days in advance.
  • All identifying information for the bride, groom, and both sets of parents must be submitted.
  • Third, ultimate verification at Purohit Sangam requires an advanced day trip to Tirumala.
  • Do not forget to bring your valid forms of identification.
  • The couple getting married must present a certificate of single status issued by the Thasildhar or the MRO.
  • In a group ceremony, this marriage involves many other couples.
  • The Devasthanam is responsible for assigning the Purohit.

All Pooja Items Needed For The Kalyanam.

  1. Upon verification, we will assign two rooms at Rs.50 each.
  2. The newlyweds and up to six immediate family members may each get an Rs.300 Darshan after the wedding.
  3. The complimentary gift of ten miniature Laddus is our way of saying how much we appreciate the pair.
  4. Devasthanam will provide the pasupu, kumkum, and kankanam in verse 11.
  5. Mandapams do not permit weddings based on love or second marriages.

Tirupati Temple Wedding Process Timings Online Booking

Halls of Matrimony for SMC and TBC

  • One, the Hall may only be reserved in person at Tirumala by the Bride, Groom, Bride’s parents, and Groom’s parents.
  • The maximum number of people that may be accommodated in the hall is twenty to thirty.
  • It is a biometric registration, thus everyone must bring their Aadhaar card.
  • Four, signups begin on the 90th day and end seven days before the event.
  • No, Darshan is not included in this reservation.
  • To have a wedding, you don’t need a lot of fancy decorations or a church.
  • The host is responsible for coordinating all food and drink services, as well as finding a Purohit and Pooja items.
  • Eight, we don’t permit weddings based on love alone, unless both sets of parents agree.
  • After a couple has their Devasthanam receipt in hand, they may legally be married.

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Wedding Rituals at Tirupati Temple

  • Next to the temple are many reception halls that can accommodate anything from 50 to 250 guests.
  • All rent is due at the time of booking, in full.
  • To reserve a hall, you must provide a photo ID.
  • The four-pointed-star Same-Day Marriage Registration service at SMC.
  • Your reservation does not include Darshan.
  • These event spaces are reserved exclusively for Hindu arranged weddings alone.
  • Room reservations in the hall are from 3 to 3 (24 hours).
  • When you book a room, you’ll have access to it from 3 p.m. to 3 p.m. on the day of your arrival (24 hours)
  • the number of people that can fit in the hall ranges from 40 up to 500.
  • Position the hall between one and two kilometers from the main temple.

For More Details Please Contact This Number: 7013033309

Expenses Included by the Tirupati Temple Wedding Budget

  • Stage
  • Mandapam
  • Carpets
  • Chairs and tables made of plastic
  • A photograph of Swamyvari.
  • An assortment of objects from the Mandapam.
  • Seventhly, you roll your feet
  • Eighth, Curtains for Screens
  • Decorations for the Roof and Walls 9
  • Items for Pooja and the Purothi
  • Bhajanthrilu
  • Leaves from the mango tree and the plantain tree 14. The illumination of a building
  • The Sign-In Sheet
  • Flowers for the Mandapam, number sixteen
  • Words of Beauty, Number Seventeen ( 20 Mooralu)
  • 1 Two Rose Wreaths
  • 1 Jada
  • Twenty-Two Flower Arrangements
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Fees for electricity use and permission to pitch a tent
  • Shamiyana
  • A Caterer (Evening Snacks, Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch)

Budget for a Wedding at Tirupati

  • Estimated Price Range for a Venue Depending on the Number of Expected Attendees.
  • 50-75 people 15,000-25,000.
  • 50–90, 50–75 People 15000–2500.
  • 100–150 people, 200–35K–65K.
  • between 200 and 500 people between 45,000 and 65,000.
  • 400-500 Four Hundred Five Hundred Fifty 85,000-95,000.

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