Tirupati Kalyani Dam Visiting Timings Daily Ticket Cost Booking

Know the details about the Tirupati Kalyani Dam Visiting Timings Daily Ticket Cost Booking, Kalyani Dam Tirupathi Open Close Timings, And Cost.

Kalyani Dam Tirupati

The Kalyani Dam is a gravity dam that was built over the Swarnamukhi River in Tirupati City, which is located in the Tirupati District of Andhra Pradesh, India. This dam is one of the primary water supply sources for the city of Tirupati and the catchment regions that surround it. After it is completely full, the Kalyani Dam will be able to continue delivering water to Tirupati for at least two years.

Kalyani Dam Tirupati is one of the fascinating tourist destinations that is inside the Ramgampet forest zone and is located around 18 km away from Tirupati. It is a reservoir of potable water that is provided for the pilgrims that visit Tirumala. Initially, the water that is stored in this dam is reserved for the residents of Tirupati but, as time went on and Tirumala’s population grew, the water began to be pumped there as well. It is located smack dab in the heart of the Bakarapeta Forest. The dam has a catchment area of about 48.56 square kilometers, and its full reservoir may reach heights of up to 900 feet.

Tirupati Kalyani Dam Visiting Timings Daily Ticket Cost Booking

This reservoir is known among locals as a wonderful site for picnics, and it will be enjoyable to spend time here with one’s loved ones. It is easiest to get water from the reservoir in the early part of summer and throughout the winter.

The Kalyani Dam has been constructed in the middle of the Kalyani River, which originates in the Seshachalam woods. Additionally, the Kalyani Dam contains one of the state’s most significant reservoirs. Many pilgrims come to the Kalyani Dam to take in the area’s beautiful scenery and natural features. One of the most well-liked places to have a picnic in the general vicinity of Tirupati is the Kalyani Dam.

However, the Kalyani Dam adheres very tightly to the times when the dam is open to guests and when it is closed to them. Additionally, throughout the chosen season, the visitation hours will be restricted. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that pilgrims visit the dam after first determining whether or not the dam is open for visitors to see. Pilgrims need just make their way to the Kalyani Dam to see the natural beauty that surrounds the dam as well as the dam itself.

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Kalyani Dam Tirupati When to Visit Opening Hours Closing Time Entry

  • The hours of operation for the Kalyani Dam Visitor Centre are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day.
  • The Kalyani Dam opens each day at 8 am and closes for the day at 6 pm. The opening and closing times of the dam may be found here.
  • The dam will be locked up at precisely six o’clock in the evening, and no one will be able to enter it after that time. The pilgrims are required to inquire with the guards stationed at the gate as to whether or not the dam is now open.

From The Tirupati Central Bus Stop, How Do You Go To The Kalyani Dam?

  • The distance from Tirupati to this Dam is 19 km. The Tirupati Bus station is where you may get the direct bus to your destination.
  • ┬áBuses to Piler, Bakarapeta runs past Kalyani Dam. From the Tirupati Central Bus station, frequency is pretty frequent.
  • Kalyani dam Visitor hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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