Sukran Pooja Srirangam Temple Booking Online Timings Details

Know the details about the Sukran Pooja Srirangam Temple Booking Online Timings Details, Srirangam Temple Sukaran Pooja Tickets Availability.

‘Sri’ is Mahalakshmi, who is appeased by Venus (Sukraran); ‘Rangam’ means stage or arangam for Srivaishnavas to perform beautiful arts like dance and music in order to serve Lord Sriman Narayana. Arangam also represents Sukras’ karakam (cause).┬áSrirangam is also known as “boga mandapam ” since it indicates planet “boga karakan” Sukran.┬áThe region around the Srirangam temple is known as the ‘Velli Thirumutham’ hamlet. This is because the element velli (silver) is linked to Venus, the Sukran. In spite of this, documents maintained by the government refer to Srirangam as the Velli Thirumutham village.

Lord Ranganathar is shown in a reclining position on the horse Adisesha in the middle of the milky ocean, also known as Thiruparkadal, since Sukra is the karaka for milk as well as the color white and white metals. Cow and milk are its karakam.

Sukran Pooja Srirangam Temple Booking Online Timings Details

The Srirangam vimanam was delivered from Ayodhya to Srilanka by a Vibhishna, who was born an Asura but was not an Asura by nature. Vibhishna has Sukrachariyar, his precipitator, serving as the acharya for the Ashura kulam, which translates to “Generations of the Demons.” Vibhishnan is seen carrying the temple’s vimanam in a number of sculptures that can be found in the mandapam. The Kasturi paste is put to the moolavar (main) idol, which represents the primary god, and the Kasturi Thilak is also applied to the Utsavar idol on Fridays, which is the day of the week dedicated to Sukran on Sukravar, the personification of fragrances.

The Srirangam Temple is one of the most well-known destinations in India for devotees seeking to do the Sukra Pooja. The term “Sukra Pooja” refers to the worship that is performed on the planet Venus. At the Srirangam Temple, the Sukran Pooja is something that pilgrims participate in for a variety of different reasons.

The Srirangam Temple is also known as the Skra Sthalam by the pilgrims that visit it. The most important reason why the devotees will be doing the Sukra Pooja at the Srirangam Temple is because of this. The actual temple does not have any puja or other amenities that are used for this purpose. The pilgrims are required to make reservations for the priests outside of the temple, and they must do the Sukra Pooja only in the immediate vicinity of the building.

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Sukran Pooja Srirangam Temple Pooja Procedure

  • The Sukra Pooja at the Srirangam Temple may be scheduled up to two days in advance by the devotees. In order to purge the bad energy from their astrology and horoscopes, the pilgrims would perform the Sukra Pooja at the Srirangam Temple. Because of this, the Sukra Pooja is considered to be one of the most significant poojas performed at the temple.
  • Pilgrims who want to do the Sukran Pooja at the Srirangam Temple are required to adhere to the protocol that has been communicated to them by the temple’s priests.
  • The devotees may arrive at the temple one to two days before the pooja, at which point they can locate the priests in the temple. The pooja will not be performed by the priest who typically works inside the temple. The Sukran pooja may also be performed for the pilgrims by a different priest who works for a third party.
  • Pilgrims, after they have located a suitable priest, are then able to examine the Pooja Procedure, as well as its time and cost, before making reservations for the Pooja itself. The Sukran puja shouldn’t take more than one to two hours to complete.

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