Penchalakona Kalyana Mandapam Cost Accommodations Halls

Know More Briefly About The Penchalakona Kalyana Mandapam Cost Accommodations Halls, Proofs, Location, Registration, And Other Info Given

The pilgrims should get in touch with the administration of the Penchalakona temple first. The pilgrims have the option of either coming to the office in person or dialing the provided numbers to inquire about it. Calling the Penchalakona temple office at least three months before the scheduled wedding day is required of the pilgrims. 

During the times of the year when there are the most visitors, the pilgrims may need to phone the temple even earlier. The first thing the pilgrims should do is find out whether the Kalyana Mandapam they want to use is available on the day in question. If the Kalyana Mandapam is accessible to the pilgrims, then the pilgrims are required to make a reservation for the Mandapam by making the necessary payment in advance. 

Penchalakona Kalyana Mandapam Cost Accommodations Halls

  • Before making a reservation, pilgrims are expected to have any essential documentation for the reservation. 
  • The pilgrims are required to give the Aadhaar cards of both the bride and groom, in addition to any other documentation that the temple officials desire.
  • After the pilgrims have provided the necessary documentation, the Kalyana Mandapam will be assigned to them. 
  • The rent for the Kalyana Mandapam comprises simply the cost of the Hall. The electricity bill, the water bill, and any other miscellaneous expenses should be paid for by the pilgrims.
  • Many of the devotees who go to the temple believe that the Penchalakona Narasimha Swamy is also their deity. 
  • To carry out the wedding ceremony, therefore, the pilgrims will go to the temple. 
  • This indicates that if pilgrims want to celebrate weddings in their own houses, they may make a reservation for the Kalyana Mandapam in the Penchalakona temple and carry out the ceremony there.
  • A Kalyana Mandapam has been built by the Penchalakona temple administration specifically for the use of those pilgrims who want to be married inside the premises of the temple. 
  • When making reservations for the Kalyana Mandapam at the Penchalakona temple, the pilgrims are expected to abide by the norms and procedures that have been established by the temple. 

Penchalakona Kalyana Mandapam Booking:

  • The bride must be a minimum of eighteen years old to be eligible for marriage.
  • The Groom must be at least 21 years old to be eligible for this role.
  • These Halls enable Hindu weddings to be organized by their families.
  • The Aadhaar card for the bride, groom, bride’s parents, and groom’s parents must all be presented.
  • At the time of booking, you will be required to pay the entire rent for one day.
  • The Hall Booking receipt is necessary to assign space in the Hall.

Penchalakona Kalyana Mandapam Cost Accommodations Halls

  • After the ceremony, the management of the hall will provide the couple with a receipt.
  • Booking in advance is required since most of the locations have a limited number of seats available.
  • If it is determined that the reservation is not necessary, the management of the hall may cancel it.
  • The cost of the hall, water supply, and power supply for venues without air conditioning are all included in the hall rental fee.
  • 8000 rupees for plastic decoration and the stage.
  • Band Melam+Purit Rs.7000
  • Pooja Articles Rs.2000
  • Non-Air Conditioning Two Rooms for Rs.1200
  • Two Air-Conditioned Rooms, 2400 Rs
  • Details of Ac Kalyana Mandapam
  • The cost of decoration ranges from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 90,000 (lights + cloth + mats).
  • 30000 rupees for artificial flower decoration.
  • Maintenance Labor Rs.5000
  • Receipt from the Marriage Hall (issued after the marriage)
  • Invitation to the Wedding
  • Two pictures from the wedding
  • Aadhar Cards from Both the Husband and the Wife, in addition to Three Witnesses
  • A certificate of 10th Class from both the Husband and the Wife is Required.
  • A notary is necessary if the date of registration is more than 30 days after the day the marriage was performed.
  • Take note that there would be no need to register to visit the Penchalakona Temple.

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