Tirumala Netra Darshan Timings Online Booking TTD Procedure

Know the latest details about the Tirumala Netra Darshan Timings Online Booking TTD Procedure, Netra Darshan Tirumala Timings and Online Booking Procedure

Tirumala Netra Darshan:

The Mula Virat is stripped of all ornaments, flowers, and so on every Thursday after the morning pooja. The god shall wear only Dhoti and Uttareeyam. Thirunaman Kaappu and Kasturi on the main deity’s brow have also diminished. This results in the major deity’s distinct attitude, where the unusual Netra Darshan can be seen (where the divine eyes of the Lord can be seen). On other occasions, the enormous Namam adorning the Lord’s brow covers over half of his eyes. However, we will have a clear view of the principal deity’s beneficent gaze on Thursday morning.

On Thursdays, Thiruppavada Seva is conducted as arjitha Seva in the Mandapam in front of the Bangaru Vakili, as well as Annakutotsavam (pouring heaps of tamarind rice).

In the Mandapam, a large rectangular tub-like golden vessel is placed, and a large quantity of “Pulihora”-tamarind rice, as well as other sweet preparations such as payasam, laddu, jilebi, thenthola, appam, and other prasadams are deposited with coconuts, flowers, sandal paste, kumkum, deepam, and is placed in that trapezoid receptacle

Tirumala Netra Darshan Timings Online Booking TTD Procedure

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The previous wide Naamam is peeled off during Mantra Chanting, and a thin Naamam is decorated on Mula Virat’s forehead to cover the area between His brows. When this happens, it is believed that the Lord’s first glimpse after “opening” His Eyes (since they were previously covered by the Naamam) should not fall on mortals, because it holds great power that mankind cannot withstand. Instead, it is intended to fall precisely on the mound of “Pulihora” in front of Him, sanctifying it and softening His gaze. As a result, the “Pulihora” functions as a Veil (“Paavada” in Telugu/Tamil), sheltering devotees from His Mighty Gaze.

Tirumala Netra Darshan Schedule:

Every Thursday evening, save for Lakshmi Haaram, Sankhu, and Chakram, all the costly gems are removed from Perumal’s Thirumeni in preparation for the next day’s Thirumanjanam, and Perumal is completely bedecked with a variety of flowers. Even Srinivasal’s THIRUMAN KAAPU “, which shields His eyes, has been removed, so worshippers can only see Perumal on Thursday evenings during NETRA DARSHAN. This is quite appealing, and one should not overlook Perumal’s Netra darsanam.

Online Booking for Netra Darshan Tirumala Timings:

There are no separate Netra darshan tickets available. Special Entry Darshan (Rs.300) or Free Darshanam tickets are provided for Netra Darshan.

  1. Visit the app listed below and log in using the credentials you were given.
  2. Choose SED (Rs.300) or Free Darshanam from the options listed on your profile’s main page, then follow with the booking details.
  3. Please provide your name, age, Aadhar UID, and gender.
  4. Choose a devotee from the list if you have saved pilgrims in your profile.
  5. Before proceeding to lock the option, please read the disclaimer.
  6. Choose Thursday from the calendar as your Darshan day.
  7. You will have the option of receiving extra laddus throughout this step.
  8. Enter the number of laddus you want to buy, then pay with UPI, Internet Banking, or a debit card.
  9. Download the Tirumala Darshan Token and follow the directions in TTD covid 19 to get started.

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