Bhudevi Complex Tirupati Free Darshan Ticket Booking Timings

Know the details about the Bhudevi Complex Tirupati Free Darshan Ticket Booking Timings, TTD Darshan Tickets In Bhudevi Complex Availablity.

Millions of devotees make their way to the Tirumala shrine. To ensure that the pilgrims’ Darshan goes off without a hitch, the temple has taken a number of preparations. Both online and offline booking are available for the Darshan experience at the Tirumala temple, which is visited by pilgrims. Online ticket purchasing for all Darshan and Seva activities is available to pilgrims.

However, for the time being, only the Free Darshan, which is also known as the Sarva Darshan, is available to be scheduled offline for pilgrims. At the Tirumala temple, the Free Darshan tokens are made available to the pilgrims on a daily basis. Pilgrims may come to Tirupati on their own and make reservations for the Darshan service there.

The Tirumala Tirunal (TTD) has set up ticket counters at a number of different locations inside Tirupati itself for the convenience of pilgrims. It is not necessary for pilgrims to go to Tirumala Hill in order to arrange an offline Darshan appointment. One of the locations where free Darshan is offered to pilgrims on a daily basis is the Bhudevi Complex, which is also one of the other locations.

Bhudevi Complex Tirupati Free Darshan Ticket Booking Timings

Tirupati Sarva darshan Tickets Booking, Timing available status. At the Vishnu Nivasam and Alipiri Bhudevi Complex, the Darshan ticket counter is available around the clock. Virtual Seva Tickets may be purchased online. Time for Darshan ranges from one hour thirty minutes to one hour forty-five minutes, and the Tirumala Ghat Road is open from three in the morning till eleven thirty at night. Darshan for parents who are traveling with infants (children less than one-year-old) is now accessible.

Pilgrims may also contact TTD Customer Service at the following phone numbers for any further information on the Bhudevi Complex. The Bhudevi Complex is another location that the pilgrims may go to for further information. However, in order for the pilgrims to get their Free Darshan Tokens at the Bhudevi Complex, they will need to personally see the Coutner. When going to see the Darshan, pilgrims are required to have their Aadhar cards with them.

After then, the pilgrims would be given the opportunity to have Darshan for either that day or the day after that using a biometric system. After this, the pilgrims are given the free Darshan token, which has a slot in it.

The TTD has provided the devotees of Tirumala Srivari with the most up-to-date information. The number of free darshan tokens that are distributed at the Bhudevi complex in Alipiri has been increased to seven thousand in order to accommodate the large number of devotees who visit this location on a regular basis in order to get a glimpse of Srivari.

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Telephone Number For The TTD Tirupati Bhudevi Complex Schedules For The Darshan And Reservations For Facilities:

  • Beginning at five in the morning each day, tokens are distributed to the worshippers. People that arrive at the counters first are rewarded with tokens until the allotment of tokens has been depleted.
  • These tokens will be distributed at a time in the future that is prior to the darshan of Srivari. Those devotees who are given tokens are required to move for darshan the next day.
  • Free use of the restrooms
  • Free setup of lockers Constant access to water and power
  • Guests may park their vehicles at the Balaji Link gadget station, however, there is a fee associated with doing so.
  • The timings of the ticket counter can be seen here. This indicates that the ticket offices for the Bhudevi Complex would be available to pilgrims throughout the clock.

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