Godadevi Kalyanotsavam History Significance Date Overview

Know The Complete Details About The Godadevi Kalyanotsavam History Significance Date Overview, History, and Significance Of Godadevi Kalyanotsavam At Tirumala

The illustrious figure known variously as Godambika Devi, Goda Devi, and Andal is, according to the Tamil Vaishnava tradition, one and the same person. Among the group of 12 alwars or azhwars, Godambika was the sole woman representing the Vaishnava Dharma. She was lauded as the human embodiment of Goddess Bhudevi when she was found as a small baby in the Tulasi Garden at Sri Villiputtur.

She had not been born from the womb of any mother and was instead discovered in the garden. When gathering Tulasi leaves to prepare garlands for Lord Vishnu’s devotion, Vishnuchitta or Periyalwar discovered a female infant in the Tulasi Garden, which they carried back to their house and began to raise and care for. As a consequence of this, she was brought up as Vishnuchitta’s daughter.

Godadevi Kalyanotsavam History Significance Date Overview

She has been a devoted follower of Lord Vishnu ever since she was a little girl. She considered adoration of Lord Vishnu to be her one and only primary responsibility in this life. She would always decorate her hair with garlands before making an offering to the god Vishnu when she was a child and a teenager. chitta, who was unaware of this fact, used to present the garlands to Vishnu, who was the god of creation. When he saw his daughter’s hair strung up on a garland one day, it caused him a great deal of concern.

The spectacular celebration of the Divine Kalyanam of Sri Godambika with Sri Krishna Swami is done in the Kumbha Harati Mandapam on the day of KANUMA, which is the day after Makara Sankranti.

History Of Godadevi Kalyanotsavam

The Agama’s scriptural guidelines are followed for this event. In accordance with tradition, the Purana recital of the Sri Goda Devi Kalyanam is also performed at the Kalyanam ceremony in question. On that day, Lakshmi Devi, who is seated upon Lord Venkateswara’s breast, is thought to be Goda Devi. The garland that Goda Devi wore when she visited the Govindaraja Temple will be used to decorate the Lord of Tirumala.

In this way, the grand series of the Goda Kalyanam Festival, which consists of many activities that take place over the course of a month, is celebrated with a significant amount of devotion, commitment to the God and Goddess, and an unparalleled fervor for the celebration.

Significance Of Godadevi Kalyanotsavam

  • The importance of Godadevi Kalyanam is similarly essential and is done identically to Sita Rama Kalyanam in Treta Yuga, Rukmini Krishna Kalyanam in Dwapara Yuga, Padmavathi Srinivasa Parinayam in Kaliyuga
  • Goda Kalyanam was a ceremony that took place around 5000 years ago, during which Andal Sri Godadevi married Sri Krishna Swamy.
  • Early on, the deities of Andal Sri Goda Devi and Sri Krishna Swamy were brought in and placed on a particular platform on the stage. These goddesses were exquisitely dressed in brilliant diamonds and beautiful silks.
  • During the Dhanur Masam each and every year, this Kalyana Mahotsavam shall be carried out.

Series Of Events at Godadevi Kalyanotsavam History Significance Date Overview

Chanting Vedic hymns was an integral part of the colorful ceremony that Archakas put on for the heavenly wedding. The wedding was celebrated with the highest passion and splendor by organizing a number of different activities, including

  • Punyahavachanam
  • Vishwaksena Aradhana
  • Ankurarpanam
  • Kankanadharana \sPratisarabandhana Puja \sSankalpam
  • After that, the Gotra Namas of the deities were chanted, with the Gargeya Gotra for Sri Krishna Swamy and the Bhargava Gotram for Goda Devi being performed at the conclusion of the Mangalyadharanam Varanamayiram Naivedyam and Mangala Harati.

Date And Timings:

  • This celestial wedding will take place during the second week of the month of January. Typically, on January 13th and 14th.
  • It’s possible that the actual dates will differ from these. Check beforehand before making any plans to go there.

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