Balakrishna Temple Hampi Darshanam Online Booking Process

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Balakrishna Temple Hampi is located in between Kamalapur and the Virupaksha temple, and it faces east. The Virupaksha temple is devoted to the Vaishnava religion in the figure of Balakrishna. In the year 1514, when the battle of Udayagiri in Orissa was won, King Sri Krishna deva Raya constructed this temple as a monument to commemorate the victory.

One of the oldest temples in Tuluvas, the Balakrishna temple was constructed in 1514 A.D., and it was on February 16, 1515, A.D. when the image of Balakrishna was installed there. The temple follows the traditional style and layout of Vijayanagara architecture. During the course of his Orissan wars, when Krishna deva Raya had successfully taken control of Udayagiri.

Balakrishna Temple Hampi Darshanam Online Booking Process

  • The temple is made up of a garbhagriha, an anti-chamber, also known as a Sukhanasi, antarala, or ardhamantapa, which is surrounded by Pradakshina pat, a Sabha mandapa, also known as a Navaranga, mukhamantapa or Rangamantapa, and an Amman shrine. All of these components are contained within a high prakara wall with an entrance.
  • The sabhmantapa, also known as the navaranga, is a square structure that is supported by eight pillars: four in the center, which are atop a raised platform, and six on each of the four sides. Sculptures of Hanuman, Garuda, Balakrishna, Kalingamardhana, Dasavatharas of Vishnu, musicians, dancers, yali, and other figures can be seen on the bottom and top square blocks of the pillars.
  • The sabha mandap may be entered from the east, the north, or the south, and there are mukha mandapa on both the north and south sides of the structure. The mukha mandapa that is located on the north and south sides of the structure is supported by two pillars in the front and has a flight of stairs that are flanked by Suruli-Yalis, which are distinctive Vijayanagara motifs.
  • The mukha mandapa or pillared hall is entered through a flight of steps on either side of the north and south and the main western entrance on west side. The mukha mandapa stands on thirty-two pillars which are tall, slender and graceful. The lower and upper square of the pillars are depicted with Vaishanvite deities, Dasavatharas of Vishnu, dancers, animals, etc.

History Of Balakrishna Temple

  • The whole complex of the temple is encircled by a prakara wall that is rather tall, and the main entry doorway is quite lofty and quite large. The facade of the entry gateway has a high appearance and a large footprint. The river goddesses Ganga and Yamuna are depicted on one of the walls of the entry passageway in an elegant manner while carrying scrolls.
  • The primary portion of the ceiling is comprised of two rotational squares, and the top slab has lion masks, lotus flowers, and stick players.
  • The ceiling in the center of the room is covered with lotus flowers, while the surrounding ceilings are flat and unadorned.

Balakrishna Temple Hampi Darshanam Online Booking Process

The monarch, Krishnadevaraya, commissioned the construction of this temple in the year 1513 A.D. in order to commemorate his victory against the eastern kingdom of Udayagiri or Utkala (in the present day Orissa state).

The image of Balakrishna was selected to serve as the primary deity in the temple’s installation of idols (Lord Krishna as infant). This idol may be seen in its current location, which is the state museum in Chennai. The history of this temple and the conquest of Ulkala is carved onto a massive stone that has been put in the center of the temple’s courtyard.

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