Guruvayur Temple Prasadam Price Online Booking Delivery

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Guruvayur Temple is a Hindu temple in Guruvayur, Kerala, India, dedicated to Guruvayurappan, a manifestation of Vishnu. It is one of the most prominent Hindu pilgrimage sites in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and is also known as Bhuloka Vaikunta (Vaikuntha in the earthly realm). Guruvayur Devaswom manages the temple, which is overseen by the Kerala government.

The temple is devoted to Shri Krishna, who is worshipped as Guruvayurappan, the deity of the well-known Shri Krishna Temple in Guruvayur Town, Kerala. Malayalis and Tamilians revere this shrine the greatest. Non-Hindus are not permitted to enter the Guruvayur Temple.

Guruvayur Temple Prasadam Price Online Booking Delivery

Guruvayur Temple Prasadam:

Many pilgrims who sought Guruvayur temple prasadam wanted it from the temple. However, pilgrims will be unable to travel to the temple. The temple is somewhat far away from other temples, so pilgrims may have difficulty reaching it. For some, visiting Guruvayur is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But it costs that much to visit Guruvayur Temple. These pilgrims believe they require the Lord of the Temple’s blessings. As a result, they believe that getting the prasadam to their home is sufficient. As a result, the Guruvayur temple has experimented with online booking and delivery of Prasadam.

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Due to internal problems, the temple later halted this practise. Now, the availability of online prasad delivery in the temple varies from time to time. However, the temple decides whether or not to distribute the prasadam to the pilgrims on a regular basis.

Guruvayur Temple Prasadam Online Booking:

  • For the time being, pilgrims who want Guruvayur temple prasadam can come to the temple and directly collect the prasadam.
  • Only the devaswom makes decisions about online prasadam. For the time being, the online distribution of Guruvayur temple prasadam has been discontinued. Pilgrims should not anticipate Prasadam to be provided online.
  • Pilgrims can contact the Guruvayur temple’s temple administration for more information about Prasadam distribution and times.

Guruvayur Mahatmyam has an ancient legend.

The entrance to Guruvayur Temple:

According to mythology, Janamejaya sacrificed all the snakes in the world, including Takshaka, the cause of his father Parikshit’s death. Hundreds of thousands of snakes were slain when they fell into the sacrificial fire, but the sacrifice was interrupted by a Brahmin named Astika before Takshaka was murdered. Janamejaya was infected with leprosy since he was responsible for the deaths of millions of snakes. He completly gave up hope of finding a cure. One day, Sage Atreya (son of Atri) appeared before Janamejaya and advised him to seek refuge under Krishna’s feet at Guruvayur. Atreya informed him that the effulgence of Shri Hari is at its peak in the Guruvayur temple, and Vishnu bestows his blessings on all devotees. 

He rushed there and spent the next ten months worshipping Guruvayur’s god. He returned home healthy after ten months and chastised the astrologer for delivering a bogus prognosis. The astrologer predicted that he would discover a snakebite mark on his left leg. He had only spared death because he was in a temple where Anantha (the emperor of serpents) was present, and Anantha was the brother of the God at Guruvayur, where he had completed his worship. The king then made the decision to construct a full-fledged temple at Guruvayur. During the time when Kerala state was controlled by the Perumals, temple was degraded and reduced to poverty. 

The Perumal emperors were predominantly Shaivites who did not patronise Vaishnavite shrines. The Shiva temple at Mammiyur got their sponsorship, and as the royal patronage shifted, the devotees followed. As a result, the Guruvayur temple was reduced to absolute poverty. However, one day, a holy man visited the Mammiyur temple in search of food and lodging for the night. Despite the temple’s wealth, the temple authorities pretended to have nothing and scornfully sent him to the nearby Guruvayur shrine. When the holy man reached the temple, he was greeted politely by a Brahmin kid and fed. The holy man was overjoyed and declared a blessing.

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