How To Apply for TTD Volunteer Srivari Seva In Tirumala Online

Know the latest news on How To Apply for Volunteer Srivari Seva In Tirumala Online, How To Apply TTD Volunteer Srivari Seva In Tirumala TTD Online

Tirumala Srivari Seva:

Srivari Seva is a volunteer service in which pilgrims provide free services to other pilgrims that visit Lord Venakteswara every day. Interested pilgrims / devotees should register online for Srivari Seva, which will be referred to as “Srivari Sevakulu” from now on. Srivari Sevakulu should only be a Hindu. Srivari Sevakulu will be authorised for Srivari Seva if they are between the ages of 18 and 60. The Srivari Sevakulu should not bring children or the elderly to serve. If this is true, they will not be allowed to use the service.

How To Apply for TTD Volunteer Srivari Seva In Tirumala Online

Srivari Sevas In Tirumala:

Sevaks will be sent to volunteer in one of the following places.

  1. Annaprasadam
  2. Health
  3. Safety and watchfulness
  4. Kalyanakatta
  5. Counters where you can sell coconuts
  6. Seats Can Be Saved
  7. Service desk
  8. Cleaning the Temple
  9. Thirunamam
  10. Navaneetha Seva

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How To Apply for Volunteer Srivari Seva In Tirumala Online:

  1. To volunteer for the Srivari Seva service, applicants should register online through the Srivari Seva website 
  2. Candidates must have a valid Aadhar card and a phone number that will work until the results are announced. It will help him or her get permission to do seva by text message.
  3. Candidates must give information about their Aadhar card or valid ID.
  4. Those who want to sign up for the first time must go to the Srivari Seva website at and click on the link that says “New User?
  5. Enter your cell phone number and password where it says “New User.” A provisional Verification code will be made by the system and sent to you by email.
  6. Users will only be able to move on to Login after their cell phone numbers have been verified.
  7. After entering a valid cellphone number and password, the user’s profile will be shown on the “Profile” page. If you want to lead the team, check the “Apply for team lead” box on the “Sevaks – Team Details” page of the srivari seva general instructions.
  8. Click “Team Details” and then “Add New sevak” to add people to your team. If you want to add an existing member, click “Add Existing Sevak.”
  9. To apply for a period of seva, click “Apply for seva” and then pick a 7-day period and time window.
  10. People or groups who want to apply for 7 days period seva must be between the ages of 18 and 60.
  11. Only the team leader can add or change information about team members.
  12. When sevaks finish their applications, their information will be added to Seva History, where it can be printed for records (Print option is provided only for team lead).

Rules for Srivari Seva In Tirumala:

  • Only Hindus can do Srivari Seva. Srivari Seva is a selfless service. Because of this, TTD will not pay anything.
  • A team leader will pick and sign up members of his or her team online.
  • To sign up, you need a photo ID and a mobile phone number.
  • Srivari Sevaks should bring a copy of their Aadhaar card with them when they report.
  • The number of people on the team must be less than 10 or more than 15.
  • For the 7-day Srivari Seva period, you have to be between the ages of 18 and 60 to apply (either as an individual or as a group).
  • Srivari seva should only be done by sevaks who are healthy both physically and mentally.
  • No children or sick people should be brought to the seva time.
  • Srivari Sevaks were not supposed to get involved in criminal cases or activities.
  • Srivari Sevaks are told in Section 114 of the AP Charitable and Hindu Religious Institutions and Endowment Act of 1987 not to transport or eat anything that is against the law.
  • The srivari seva team and volunteers can be turned away by the management if they don’t meet the requirements.

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