Kadiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Location Timings

know more details about Kadiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Location Timings , Kadiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Location Timings 

Sri Narasimha swamy’s nine temples, or Khatras, on Ahobala hill are called the Nava Narasimha Khatras, and they represent the Nava Narasimha forms. One of them is Kadiri. In Kadiri, two different temples honor Sri Narasimha swamy. Both can be found two kilometer’s apart, one in Kadiri town and the other atop Khadri hill. Swami stepped onto this mound.

Fans say that following the death of Hiranyakashipu, the Lord heard the Brahmins’ pleas to appear as a benevolent deity, so he climbed a hill and made his arch Amurti appearance. Many devotees consider the town at the base of the hill to be Archa murti, while those higher up the hill consider the town at the foot of the hill to be Samadani. Hill (Adri) is translated as Kha in Sanskrit. Kha denotes Vishnu Padam.

Kadiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Location Timings

The nine Sri Narasimha Swamy shrines on Ahobala hill are called Nava Narasimha Khatras. Kadiri’s one. Kadiri has two Sri Narasimha swamy temples. Kadiri town and Khadri hill are 2 kilometers apart. Swami walked uphill. Once Hiranyakashipu was killed, all the Brahmins pleaded to the Lord to appear as a compassionate god, but the Swami agreed and set foot on a hill and appeared as an arch Amurti. Devotees believe Samadani is at the foot of the hill and Archa murti is below. Kha signifies Vishnu Padam and Adri hill in Sanskrit. Vishnu’s feet made this hill Khadri. The town is called Kadiri in the vernacular, but Devaranya comes from a Vedic professor who preached the Vedas there. Khadri is named after its many Khadira trees.

Devotees say Lord Vishnu gifted Bhrigu Maharshi three ceremonial Archa statues. Narahari, Vasantha Madhav, and Vallabh Udu. History makes Kadiri famous. Inscriptions abound here. In the 10th century, the Chalukya’s built Durga. The subsequent Amrita Valli Tayar Mandir was this temple. The day after the Brahmotsavam, a local guy named Rangana Kadu appeared in a dream to Kadiri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple and urged him to remove the idol from the mound and build a temple. The Harijans were allowed to enter the temple. Post-AD.

History of temple

Maha Vishnu killed Hiranya Kashyapa as Narasimha Swamy. He raged among woodlands and hills after killing the demon. Devas and Prahallada prayed to calm Narasimha Swamy at Thothathri hill near Kadiri Town. The prayers appeased Narasimha Swami. Therefore, Prahallada Sametha Narasimha Swami Temple. “Ka” denotes Vishnu Padam (Footprint), “Aadri” means Hill, and “Kadri” ultimately became “Kadiri.” Narasimha Swamy is believed to have spent a long period at the roots of Chanda Vrushi (Kadiri Vrushab or Canary Tree or Indian Mulberry).

After Abhisheka, the idol sweats.VasanthaVallabha As per the Lord’s dream, the temple’s Utsavi Murthi (processional deities) were recovered from Brugh Theretha. Vasantha Ruthvi installed these idols, hence Vasantha Vallabh ulu called these Utsavi Murthi. Lord Narasimha Swamy gave Bhrigu Maharshi (Sage) these statues for Archana. Brahmana Purana mentions Kadiri. Veda Vyasa also founded gurukul here to avoid demons. Arjuna underwent penance here on the banks of Madikeri (Arjuna river), which connects holy tanks Swetha Pushkarini, Brugh, Sesha, Kunthi, Lakshmi, Ganga, Garuda, and Bhavana Sini.

The Temple walls record Swamy’s appearance in Vijayanagar dynasty’s Veera Bukka Rayalu’s dream and his location. King and his staff rescued the Idol (Saligrama) from the tree roots and erected the temple. Construction PhasesStart-upBukkaRaya Second Phase Harihara Raya added from 1356 to 1418 AD.3.Sri Krishna Devaranya rebuilt 1509–1529 AD.
Once the temple idol disappeared, Lord Narasimha Swamy appeared in Achyutha Devara ulu’s nightmares and disclosed his location. King put idol from Thothathri hill caves in temple. From 985–1076 A.D., Cholas built Durga Devi Temple and sculpted idols on rocks. Durga Devi’s primary idol was replaced by Lakshmi in 1953, however the temple still houses her.

Kadiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Location Timings

Morning: 6:30–12:45

Evenings: 4:30–8:30Temple closed from 12:45–4:30 pm.Temple 180 kilometres from Tirupati. Tirupati-Kadiri buses are direct.
Tirupati Central Railway station offers direct trains to Kadiri. 3:38.
Temple is 90 kilometers from Anantapur. Anantapur has frequent direct buses.

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