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know more details about Thirukadaiyur Temple History Timings Location Details ,Thirukadaiyur Temple History Timings Location Details

During the time of the Chola kings in the 11th century, this temple was constructed. Shasti Spoorthi is performed at the temple between the ages of 60 and 80 every year. Thirukadaiyur temple Timings. The morning shift runs from 6:00 AM till 12:00 PM. Evening Hours: 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm / 9:30 pm.The Thirukadaiyur temple may be found in the region of Tamil Nadu in the country of India.

The name of the temple, Thirukadaiyur, derives from the phrase “Thiru-ka-dais-Oor,” which translates to “Holy dwelling.” In the sanctum, the deities Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi are positioned such that they face one other. The people of Tamil Nadu give this shrine a great deal of respect.The temple is considered to be one of the most important places dedicated to Shiva in all of South India.

Thirukadaiyur Temple History Timings Location Details

According to the local legend, Lord Siva bestowed to Markandeya the gift of a long and healthy life at this location. Markandeya was rescued from Yama’s execution rope and spared his life. During the process of Nija Roopa Darshan, it is possible to observe the scars left on Siva Linga by the death rope. Abirami Bhattar, an ardent of Goddess Parvati, was said to have misunderstood King Sarojin when he asked him what day it was while he was in profound concentration and replied that it was full moon day, when in reality it was no moon day.

This legend is related with this temple. The King, who became enraged after receiving an answer that was irrelevant and ordered Abirami Bhattar to be beheaded if the Moon did not appear in the sky on the same day. Abirami Bhattar was set on a cradle with a fire camp on the below, and each time he finished the hymn on Goddess Abirami, he began cutting one thread (balancing the cradle). At the conclusion of the 79th hymn, the Goddess materialised in front of him and brought the moonlight by hurling one of her earrings. The King made an appeal to Bhattar’s ignorance and honoured him for his service. The name Amruthakadeswarar is used to refer to the primary god, and the name Abirami is used to refer to Lady Parvati.

Timings Of Thirukadaiyur

Morning hours at the Thirukadaiyur temple are from six in the morning until twelve in the afternoon. Evening Hours are from 4:00 pm till 9:00 pm or 9:30 pm .How can I get to the temple of Thirukadaiyur Via Plane The distance between Tiruchirappalli Airport and the Temple is 145 kilometers’ they are travelling by train, devotees can alight at the Mayiladuthurai station if they are going through Trichy. The devotee also has the option of departing at Nagore. By Road The distance between Karaikal and the temple is 15 kilometers, and it is possible to get there by bus.

Thirukadaiyur Temple History Timings Location Details

According to legend, Lord Siva granted Markandeya long life here. Yama’s death rope released Markandeya. Nijaroopa Darshan shows Siva Linga’s death rope marks.

Abirami Bhattar, a devotee of Goddess Parvati, mistook No moon day for full moon day while meditating. The King was enraged by the irrelevant answer and ordered Abirami Bhattar’s beheading if the moon didn’t appear that day. Abirami Bhattar was set on a cradle with a fire camp underneath and cut one thread (balanced cradle) after each hymn on Goddess Abirami. Goddess appeared and threw her earring at the end of the 79th hymn, bringing moonlight. The King praised Bhattar for his ignorance. The major deity is Amruthakadeswarar and Lady Parvati is Abirami.Self-manifested divinity. According to tradition, Devas consumed Amruth without praying to Vinayaka.

Lord Vinayaka hid the pot to instruct Devas. Devas repented and prayed to Vinayaka. Vinayaka happily returned the pot. Devas placed the pot at Thirudayur and prayed for Siva. At the end, Devas opened the pot to drink nectar and saw the Siva Linga emerge. Hence Amrita Kadeswarar.11th-century Cholas built this temple.Temple is famous for 60-80-year-old Shasti Poorthi.

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