Kanya Pasupata Homam Pooja Cost Benefits Online Booking

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  • The Kanya Pashupatam Homam is an effective and speedy method for getting rid of the Doshas, which are the unfavorable consequences caused by the planets already present in your birth chart. 
  • By removing these Doshas via the recitation of holy mantras, you will be able to get married more quickly and meet the person most suited to be your life partner.
  • Pooja cost: Rs.15500
  • Men are required to wear dhotis and upper cloth per the dress code. It is customary for women to dress in saris or other traditional garb.
  • Pooja might last between 1 hour 45 minutes and 2 hours 15 minutes.

Kanya Pasupata Homam Pooja Cost Benefits Online Booking

This Homam may be done by either a boy or a girl who is interested in improving their chances of finding a suitable partner.

Puja has several advantages:

  • Putting yourself through this fire lab helps ensure a speedy and on-time marriage.
  • Cleanses your horoscope of any negative influences caused by planets that are now in it.
  • Doshas that interfere with the process of getting married is removed.
  • It offers remedies that can be relied on to be genuine and will put an end to the delay in marriage.
  • It makes it easier for you to choose a suitable partner for marriage.

Which days are ideal for the Pooja?

  • As the Astrologer has indicated for the day
  • Karthika Masam
  • Sravana Masam
  • Purnima days
  • Maha Sivaratri day

What Exactly Is Included?

  • Because getting married is often regarded as both one of the most significant milestones and the defining moment in one’s life, finding the person with whom one is most compatible is crucial to having a happy married life. 
  • It is recommended that those who have Doshas in their birth charts or any other conditions that might cause a delay in getting married or other complications carry out this Homam.
  • At this point, the Pandits want the precise information of the person who will have the Kanya Pashupatam Homam conducted on their behalf.
  • Date of birth, birth time, birthplace, yoga, nakshatra, and tithi of the individual who is going to be married shortly.
  • The Kanya Pashupatam Homam comprises the recitation of mantras by expert Pandits. These Pandits also present the sacrificial ghee and other items necessary for the ritual to the Agni Devata.

Kanya Pasupata Homam Pooja Cost Benefits Online Booking

Important Facts:

  • Pashupati Homam, also known as Pashupati Puja, is a ceremony that is essentially conducted by those who desire to get rid of all of their money difficulties forever.
  • Pashupati, also known as “Lord of the Animals,” is the reincarnation of the god Shankar, the Supreme God.
  • The name Pashupati comes from two words: the first, “Pashu,” meaning “Animal,” and the second, “Pati,” means “Protector.” Together, these words form the name Pashupati. 
  • be a result of this, he is sometimes referred to be the Protector of Animals.
  • There are several Homams, Havanas, and Pujas that are devoted to Lord Shankar; however, the Kanya Pashupatam Homam is the one that is especially done by the girls and boys as well to acquire a better match and to be married promptly.
  • Reciting the mantras in the appropriate style and with the correct pronunciation provides you with the finest results and enables you to eliminate all of the negative energies that block the advancement of your marriage.
  • Our Promises We make every effort to guarantee that your regard and devotion are conveyed to God in the same manner in which they were intended.

Steps we take:

  • Make sure that the Puja is only carried out by pundits who have the necessary training and expertise.
  • Make certain that the puja is carried out following the Vedic rites.
  • When carrying out the Puja, ensure that you are using Samagri of the highest possible quality.
  • For the best outcomes, you must take the utmost care to ensure that the puja is carried out at the appropriate hour (Mahurat).


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