Leela Kalyanotsavam Srisailam Temple Timings Online Booking

Know the details about the Leela Kalyanotsavam Srisailam Temple Timings Online Booking, Srisailam Temple Kalyanotstavam Ticket Price, Timings.

The Srisailam Temple may be found in the region of Andhra Pradesh in India. The temple is regarded as one of the most significant shrines dedicated to Shiva in all of India. Every day, millions of people go to the shrine to pay their respects. The Lord will benefit from the countless acts of service and worship that will take place in the temple.

The deity known as Lord Maallikarjuna Swamy is said to be a manifestation of Lord Shiva at this location. The devotees may visit the temple and make their reservations for the seva while they are there. The incredible and life-changing Seva that takes place at the Srisailam temple is open to the pilgrims who visit there. The devotees are not only going to visit the temple so that they may have a glimpse of the Lord, but also so that they can take part in the service that is performed there.

Leela Kalyanotsavam Srisailam Temple Timings Online Booking

  • The Leela Kalyanotsavam or the Srisailam Kalyanam is the most well-known service that is performed at the Srisailam temple. The Leela Kalyanotsavam is something that the pilgrims may take part in if they visit the temple. If they are scheduled for the service, the pilgrims are able to come immediately to the temple to do their service duties. If they are unable to make it to the temple, pilgrims have the option of participating remotely at the temple.
  • In the evening hours of each and every day, the Kalyanotsavam of Sri Swamy and Ammavaru is performed at the Kalyana Mandapam which is located on the grounds of the Temple. For the purpose of this Seva, only one spouse or a single individual shall be permitted per Seva Ticket for the execution of the Kalyanam.
  • Laddu Prasadams and Seshavastrams (Uttariyam and Blouse Piece) would be offered to the Sevadars as a token of appreciation for their service. In addition, the Devasthanam will take care of arranging the pooja materials for the Kalyanotsavam celebration.

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Timings And Dress Code Of Srisailam Temple

  • The Kalyanotsavam ceremony at Srisailam Temple takes place every day at 6:30 p.m.
  • The total cost of the ticket, including taxes, is Rs. 1037.
  • Single Couples are allowed to serve as Sevadars Dress Code: Male sevadars are required to wear Pancha with Kanduva, and female sevadars are required to wear Saree with Blouse at all times. Any other attire will be strictly prohibited.
  • The requisite pooja items will be given by the administrative staff of the temple.
  • The darshan of the principal deity, Lord Shiva, is only available to pilgrims after the pooja has been conducted in its entirety. • This seva will not be performed on days when a festival is being held.

Conditions And Required Things :

  • It is necessary to provide a printed copy of the ticket in order to attend the service.
  • In addition to this, a valid form of identification with the name of the ticket holder must be shown.
  • You cannot give or sell this ticket, and it cannot be returned for a refund.
  • Male sevadars must always wear a Pancha with a kanduva, and female sevadars must always wear a saree with a blouse while performing any kind of service or puja. Any other attire will be strictly prohibited.
  • It is suggested that devotees gather the items needed for the puja within the temple.
  • The Leela Kalyanotsavam will take 1-2 hours to finish on a regular basis. The Leela Kalyanotsavam will begin at 7.30 PM every day at the Srisailam temple. On the official website of the temple, the pilgrims also have the option to make reservations for the Leela Kalyanotsavam.

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