LIVE TTD Rs 300 2023 Special Darshan Online Booking Dates

Know the latest details about the LIVE TTD Rs 300 2023 Special Darshan Online Booking Dates, LIVE TTD Rs 300 2023 Special Darshan Booking Dates

The Tirumala Darshan ticket, which costs 300 rupees, will be sold for any month that comes before three months. Therefore, if pilgrims wish to go for Darshan during any month, they need to reserve their tickets for Darshan at least three months in advance. The Darshan tickets will be made available for purchase on the TTD website, which is accessible online. The devotees can check the availability of the Darshan tickets priced at 300 rupees and can arrange their visits to Darshan online. The darshan at the Tirumala temple, which costs 300 rupees, will not be offered on any specific dates. 

LIVE TTD Rs 300 2023 Special Darshan Online Booking Dates

LIVE TTD Rs 300 2023 Special Darshan Online Booking Dates:

Because there is no set timing for the issuance of Tirumala darshan tickets, tourists are encouraged to monitor the official website of the TTD for information regarding matters pertaining to darshan. The TTD website or app is something that pilgrims must check regularly throughout each month.

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The 300 rupee Darshan will be available for purchase on each and every day of the month. There will be approximately 12,000 available tickets for online booking every single day.

For the Darshan booking, the pilgrims are required to present a current photo identification card and must complete the payment process online.

Rs 300 2023 Special Darshan Online Booking:

  1. Visit the official website of the TTD to obtain information regarding the SED 300 Rs Ticket, the Free Darshan Ticket, and housing options.
  2. The typical wait time in the virtual line is between 5 and 10 minutes, however this can vary significantly depending on the number of worshippers who wish to register and the quantity of tickets that are still available.
  3. When the timer for the waiting period has run out, you will be prompted to enter your mobile phone number, the captcha code, and click the “Generate OTP” button.
  4. Click the “Login” button following the entry of the 6-digit OTP.
  5. In order to proceed, you are required to indicate your acceptance of the Covid-19 terms of the temple by checking the appropriate box on the Covid-19 Declaration Form.
  6. You will see a calendar, and you can use it to select the days of the week on which you want to have access to the template by clicking on those days. After choosing the day, the next step is to select the time range within which your darshan will be performed.
  7. The colour green indicates that there are still seats available, whereas the colour yellow indicates that seats are being used up quickly. The colour red denotes that the daily darshan limit has been achieved, however the colour blue indicates that the ticket quota has not yet been met.
  8. Fill in the required information, which may include the number of additional Laddu Prasadam, visitors, and rooms, amongst other things.
  9. Before you can click “Continue” on the following page, you will need to give information on the pilgrims. This information includes their names, genders, ages, photo identification proof, and ID card numbers, among other things.
  10. When it comes time to make the required payment, you can do it using your choice of a credit card, UPI, debit card (at an ATM), or internet banking. After that, the TTD Online Ticket or Accommodation that you picked will be reserved for you.

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