Mallavaram Venkateswara Swamy Temple Cost Time Procedure

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The region is situated in close proximity to a reservoir. Andhra Pradesh, which uses the Telugu language, is considered to be the cradle of all contemporary music since it is the favored language for composing Carnatic music. One may choose from a wide number of patterns that are each rendered in a distinct color. Paintings, handicrafts, and handlooms, which are only sub-categories of the art and craft that can be found at the location, all have a certain invigorating quality to them.

In the 15th century A.D., King Krishna Devaraya of the Vijayanagara Dynasty was responsible for the construction of this temple. In later years, monarchs of the Addanki Reddy dynasty gave territories to the temple. According to the earliest inscription, which was made in the year 1227 A.D., a devotee by the name of Komati Vema Reddy carried out a significant ceremony at this location. The lords of Reddy constructed the steps leading up to the shrine.

Mallavaram Venkateswara Swamy Temple Cost Time Procedure

In the Skanda Purana, there is a reference to the Mallavaram Venkateswara Swami Temple. Poems on Malla Venkateswara were written by the great poet Gala Narasaiah. Mallava Venkateswara Satakam was written by another outstanding poet by the name of Vavilala Ramamurthy.

According to Mythology, once upon a time, Lord Venkateswara found himself near the Gundika river. He was so taken aback by the splendor of the hill that he considered taking a break here. Lord was informed by Tammavarapu Hill that it is unable to support his presence. Venkateswara, infuriated, kicked the side of the hill, causing a portion of it to roll down into Gundlakamma. The fragment of the hill that was broken off may still be seen in the center of Gundlakmma now. Mallavaram Hill prayed to the Lord, asking him to come and relax on top of him. The kind request was granted, and the Lord decided to spend some time relaxing on this hill.

The Lord rode a horse across the hills, leaving behind tracks that may still be seen today. When the Lord was going, he questioned the Hill by asking it if it had any last requests. Mallavaram petitioned the Lord with a great deal of devotion to let him continue to wear velour. The request of the Hill was realized, and Lord departed from the location. When some time had passed, the Sage Narada was wandering about this area when he came upon the image of the Lord and put the idol at this location. There is a legend that the Pooja to the Lord was done here by the Serpent King Adisesha.

Architecture OF The Temple

The temple’s gopuram features sculptures of various deities, including gods and goddesses. Sculpted into the inner walls of the temple are depictions of various animals and types of musical instruments.

Mallavaram Venkateswara Swamy Temple Cost Time Procedure And Details

Legend has it that Lord Venkateswara stopped at Tammavarapu Hill to rest at one point when he was on the road. But, the hill informed Lord that it is unable to support his weight. When Venkateswara heard this, he became enraged and kicked the side of the hill, causing some of the rock to fall into Gundlakamma. At that time, Mallavaram Hill asked Lord to take some time off and rest on him, and Lord agreed to the request and did so on the hill for a period of time.

Mallavaram made a plea to the Lord before leaving the location, asking that the Lord bestow his velour onto him. The Lord complied with the request of the Hill and then departed the location. When some time passed, the Sage Narada located the velour that had been worn by the Lord and erected the idol in this location.

How To Get There

  • Vijayawada International Airport, which is the closest major airport, is located 178 kilometers away.
  • Traveling by Rail The Macherla train station is the closest one, and it is located 24 kilometers away.
  • The subsequent railroad station in close proximity is located at Nadikudi, which is 32 kilometers distant.
  • The Macherla and Nadikudi stations both provide direct bus service to Mallavaram, which travelers may use to get there.

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