Mangalnath Bhat Pooja Cost Online Bookings Timings Procedure

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It is said that Mangalnath Ujjain is where the planet Mars, also known as Mangal, was born, and this information comes from the Matsya Purana. It is generally accepted that the rays that are reflected from the planet Mars arrive at this location. Additionally, the Tropic of Cancer travels right through the middle of this Holy Place.

As a result, the Bhat Puja that is performed at Mangalnath Ujjain is considered to be of utmost importance for the correction of Horoscope Doshas that are associated with Mangal. As a result of the fact that Ujjain is widely recognized as being the city where Lord Mahakal resides, the idol of Mangal Graha may be seen in the shape of a Shivalinga at the Mangalnath temple.

Mangalnath Bhat Pooja Cost Online Bookings Timings Procedure

Manglik manifests in a person’s horoscope when the planet Mars is located in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house, respectively. The Kumbh Vivah, also known as marriage with a holy pot, may take on varying degrees of seriousness. Before you undertake the Vishnu Vivah, also known as the marriage with Lord Vishnu, you should see an astrologer. “Ashwatha Vivah,” which literally translates to “marriage with the papal tree,” or “marriage with the banana tree.” Always provide food for the birds. Chant Hanuman Chalisa everyday.

Required Procedure:

  • Concerns relating to the heart
  • There was a delay in the wedding.
  • Financial troubles
  • Accidents
  • Marital life.
  • Run into debt.
  • a pause in the pregnancy
  • The planet Mars is associated with honor, vitality, ego, and self-esteem. Those who are afflicted with Manglik Dosh are known for their explosive tempers.
  • Tuesday is the day that works best for the Pooja.
  • Pooja duration: 3 – 4 hours.

Men Dress Code: White Pancha, Dhoti/ Kurta, Pyjama.
Women’s code: sarees, dress materials, no green and black colour dress allowed.

Pooja Location: Mangalnath Mandir, Ujjain.

Pooja’s cost ranges from Rs.3000 – Rs.25,000. It is dependent on the Pooja’s level of difficulty. Due to the fact that this Pooja takes place inside the walls of the temple, advanced reservations are essential to attend. It is not true that the consequences of being a Manglik are cancelled out if a person is born on Tuesday.

Home Remedies For Procedures:

  1. Mangalnath Bhat Pooja Benefits
  2. Gets rid of the money for the wedding.
  3. Will no longer need to worry about health-related concerns
  4. Growth in one’s career and in one’s business.

When will it be rendered ineffective?

The results are rendered null and void if two Manglik individuals marry one another. Before becoming involved in a relationship, the horoscope has to be scrutinised in great detail beforehand. Home Remedies for Manglik Dosh
Every Tuesday, jaggery and red flowers should be presented to Lord Ganesh. You may lessen the consequences by reciting the Mangal Chandika sloka every day and going to the shrine dedicated to Durga Mata.

Please contact this number 7376877047 for more information.

Mangalnath Bhat Pooja Cost Online Bookings Timings Procedure

  • The first kind of Mangal Puja is called the Normal Mangal Puja, and it has a price tag of 2100 rupees.
  • The second kind, known as the Special Mangal Puja, has a fee of 3,100 rupees.
  • The cost of the third kind of Mangal Puja, known as the Special Puja, is RS 4100.
  • The Mangal Dosh Puja is performed on a single day, and the Pooja itself takes three hours.
  • The Mangalnath Temple in Ujjain will serve as the venue for the puja.
  • For guys, you may wear a dhoti, gamcha, or a kurta pyjama. For women, you can wear a saree or a Punjabi dress. There is a blanket ban on the colours black and green.

The sort of puja that you have to conduct is determined by the location of Mangal Graha in your Kundali as well as your horoscope. Therefore, it is in your best interest to demonstrate your kundalini to us before to undertaking puja. If a person’s kundalini is mangalik and the degree of mangal graha is high, then that person will have a lot of difficulties in their life. Mangal Bhat Puja is performed so that people don’t have to deal with such difficulties.

Pooja Kit / Samagri Items:

  • Puja materials / Samagri set
  • Ghee \sLal-kapda(Red-cloth)
  • Supari(Betel Nut) (Betel Nut)
  • Haldi(Turmeric Powder) (Turmeric Powder)
  • Kumkum
  • Sindoor
  • Abir \sGulal
  • Moli/Rakshasutra \sgud(Jaggery)
  • Sahad(Honey)
  • Mishri(Suger Candy) (Suger Candy)
  • Itra(perfume)
  • Kapoor(Camphor)
  • Laung(cloves)
  • Eliyachi(cardamom)
  • peeli sarso (Yellow Mustard Seeds)
  • Janeu(Sacred Thread) (Sacred Thread)
  • Haldi Gath (Dry Turmeric)
  • Khajur( Dry dates) ( Dry dates)
  • Nariyals(Dry Coconut) (Dry Coconut)
  • Gulab Jal (Rose Water)
  • Ganga Jal (Holy Water)
  • Gaumutra(Cow Urine) (Cow Urine)
  • Capus-Batti(Cotton Wick) (Cotton Wick)
  • Agarbati(Incense Stick) (Incense Stick)
  • kapus Vastra Rice Dona Packet
  • Machis and Match Sticks
  • Durva
  • Aam Patta,Tulsi Belpata
  • Phool/Mala
  • Panpata
  • Sweets
  • 1 vessel containing panchamrit (Milk, Curd, Honey, Ghee & sugar)

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