Melmaruvathur Temple Amavasai Velvi Online Timings Booking

Know the details about the Melmaruvathur Temple Amavasai Velvi Online Timings Booking, Melmaruvathur Temple Amavasai Velvi Online Timings Booking

On the national highway that connects Chennai and Trichy, Melmaruvathur Temple is located 92 kilometres from Chennai, next to Madhuranthak. On the Villupuram to Chennai route, the Melmaruvathur railway station is also situated. This temple has gained worldwide recognition as a result of the generosity of Bangaru Adigalar, the son of Melmaruvathur locals Gopalanayakar and Meenakshi Amma.

This temple is located at Gopala Nayak’s residence, the father of Bangaru Adigalar. Only one neem tree could be found in this area. When Bangaru Adikalar was a little boy, milk was spilled from this neem tree and given to the child! The mother once told Bangaru Adigalar’s father, Gopal Nayakkar, that she would appear independent. You had to travel by yourself to my nation, he ordered. declaring Gopala Naykar.

Melmaruvathur Temple Amavasai Velvi Online Timings Booking

Timings for Melmaruvathur Temple Amavasai Velvi Online Booking

  • Every New Moon day, the Amavasai Velvi, or pooja, is performed to Lord One in the Melmaruvathur Temple.
  • The pilgrims can make reservations for the Pooja online if they wish to take part in the Amavasai Velvi at the Melmaruvathur Temple.
  • Through the temple’s official website, visitors can make direct reservations for the Amavasai Velvi.
  • The pilgrims may also visit the temple on their own and purchase tickets at the ticket desk. Yet during Amavasai, tickets would be in high demand, making it impossible for pilgrims to purchase them at the counter.
  • In this instance, it is advised that visitors reserve their tickets for the Melmaruvathur Temple Amavasai Velvi online through the temple’s website.
  • The pilgrims can make reservations earlier than six months. The pilgrims can make reservations based on the pricing of the Melmaruvathur Temple Amavasai Velvi, which is posted on the website.
  • Both online and at the temple counter, pilgrims can purchase tickets.

Mother appeared as cancer at first, and when she finally emerged as Swayambu in his domain, it was too late. During the storm of 1966, the Mother’s self manifested, the neem tree fell, and the bank was drenched with rain. There was only a hut with a roof where the temple is located up until the end of 1970. Adiparashakti idol, dedicated in 1977, is currently located behind Swayambu.

Today’s Bangaru Adikala exhibits the traits of that female Siddha. Twenty-one Siddhas have achieved Jivasamadhi close to the Ir Adiparasakthi shrine. In it, there are female Siddhas. That the Mother Adiparashakti temple in Melmaruvathur was built in line with Agama principles is interesting. Kumbabishekam was not conducted properly in this instance. Yet, there is a large following for this shrine, which emanates charm.

On a pedestal in front of this temple, the mantra “Om Shakti” is written.

Amavasai Velvi Temple Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi

History Of Booking And The Temple:

The mother carries the Sulam and places it on the platform. There are several mandapas visible: the Artha Mandapam, the Maha Mandapam, the four-legged Mandapam with the tower, the eight-legged Mandapam, and finally the Sanctum Sanctorum.

if you pass this threshold and go inside the temple. The altar and the lion chariot are in front of the mother. The Puttu Mandapam is located south of the inner sanctuary, followed by the Mukha Mandapam and the Sabthakanni temple. On this temple’s opposite side is the Atharvanabhadrakali temple.

Parashakti is the mother who throws away witchcraft and evil. The dhyana mandapam, the wedding hall, and other areas of this temple all have their own designated areas. A portrait of Mother Adiparashakti seated in a kolam is displayed in the sanctum sanctorum behind Swayambu. With her right leg folded and her left leg resting on the lotus flower’s outer petals, the mother is seated on the lotus pedestal. The mother uses two hands to adjust the setting.

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