Murudeshwara Temple Gokarna Udupi Timings History Details

Know More Details About The Murudeshwara Temple Gokarna Udupi Timings History Details, Murudeshwara Temple Udipi Information Timings.

Temples may be found in the town of Murudeshwara, which is located in the Bhatkala Taluk of the North Canara district in Coastal Karnataka. It is located on the major highway that connects Mangalore and Karwar, and it is situated in a lovely location between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. Its amazing Shiva statue and immaculate beach are its two primary draws, but the Shiva Temple with its Chalukya and Kadamba sculptures and its construction in the Dravidian style of architecture is its most famous feature. The temple is situated on a hillside that provides a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding waterway.

The temple complex is well-known in India for its enormous Shiva statue, which stands around 37 metres tall and is the highest Shiva monument in the country. The temple gopura is the second-highest structure in India, standing at a height of 237 feet. The dazzling mammoth monument may be seen against the background of a blue sky when one is standing on the other side of the beach. In addition, there is a massive statue of Gitopadesha portrayed here in the beautiful garden together with a chariot. This monument may be found here.

Murudeshwara Temple Gokarna Udupi Timings History Details

The history and legends of the Murudeshwara Temple stretch back to the Treta Yuga, when Kaikesi, the mother of Ravana, gave her son Ravana the command to bring Siva Atma Linga. Ravana spent a considerable amount of time abstaining from all pleasures. Ravana’s pleadings were heard by Lord Siva, who was moved by them and bestowed upon him the Atma Linga. Ravana was given the instruction by Lord Siva to remove the Atma Linga from the planet. Ravana, who was obligated to worship Surya Bhagavan at the hours of sunset, began looking for someone to assist him in his duties.

Ganesh, who had disguised himself as a Brahmin child, volunteered his assistance on the condition that he fulfil certain requirements. In the event that Ravana does not come back after the third call, he will install the Atma Linga on Earth. As Ravana got back, he saw the Atma Linga sitting there on the ground. Ravana used a great deal of effort in an attempt to remove the Linga; nevertheless, as a result of the force, components of the Linga were discarded. According to legend, a piece of the head section of the Linga crashed to the ground near Suratkal.

Murudeshwara Temple Gokarna Udupi Timings History Details

After that, he made an attempt to remove the covering of the case and then hurled it away; according to legend, it landed in Sajjeshwara. After that, Ravana became enraged and hurled the lid of the case, which fell on Guneshwara (now Gunavanthe) and Dhareshwara. Ravana eventually removed the garment that had been covering Atma Linga and tossed it away; it fell at Mrideshwara in Kanduka Giri. The name Mrideshwara eventually evolved into Murudeshwara as more time passed.

Where Can I Find The Temple Of Murudeshwara?

  • Via Plane The airport that is the closest to the city is located in Mangalore, which is 156 kilometres away.
  • Travelling by Rail The Murdeshwar train station is the closest one to the destination. Due to the fact that it is located on the Mangalore-Mumbai Konkan railway line, this station is accessible from Mangalore.
  • Bus Stations in Udupi and Mangalore provide access to a direct bus service to the destination. Locations close to the Temple of Murudeshwara. This temple is located sixty kilometres away from the Kollur Mookambika Temple. This temple is located 78 kilometres away from the Gokarn Mahabaleshwar Temple. Udupi Sri Krishna Temple is 100 kilometres distant. 88 kilometres separate you and Jog Falls.

Things To Do At Murudeshwara Include The Following:

  • Sri Mridesa, also known as Murudeshwara, presides over the Murudeshwara Temple, which was constructed on Kanduka hill and is flanked by the ocean on three sides.
  • Sun Chariot: An image of Arjuna receiving geethopadesam (the instruction of the Bhagavad Gita) from Lord Krishna is shown on a sun chariot that is golden in colour and is placed next to a statue of Shiva.
  • Climb the temple tower, also known as the Raja Gopura. The Raja Gopura has 20 levels, all of which may be reached by elevator. The highest level of the temple tower is accessible to guests, who can then enjoy a breathtaking panorama that includes both the ocean and the statue of Shiva.
  • A variety of water activities may be enjoyed on the beach, including boat trips and rides on jet skis.
  • Scuba diving at Netrani Island is one of those activities that everyone should experience at least once.

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