Nemani Vari 2023-24 Gantala Panchangam PDF Telugu Sobhakritu

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The Gantala Panchangam is the most helpful in figuring out the muhurtham, or auspicious time, to carry out a particular action as well as when not to. The dates of weddings and other important occasions, such as festivals and other gatherings, are also determined using the gantala Panchangam .

Panchangam is the title of a Hindu calendar. It offers a list of prominent dates and instructions on how to compute them using the conventional hindu time tracking units. Although it can also be spelled Panchangam , Pancanga, and Panchanga, it is most commonly referred to as Panchangam. Panchangas are consulted when performing Indian Astrology. A Panchangam is a book that provides details regarding the planets’ orbital cycles. It’s referred to as an astronomical text by many individuals. According to the Panchangam , Maharishi used their great knowledge to accurately predict a variety of events, including solar and lunar eclipses, when there were no modern technologies available.

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Nemani Vari 2023-24 Gantala Panchangam PDF Telugu Sobhakritu

For those living in telugu-speaking states, Nemani Vari Gantala Panchangam is the most well-known masterpiece. Beginning with that particular year’s Ugadhi, every year shall follow the New Panchangam. Telugu people often regard Ugadi to be the beginning of the new year. The end of the Telugu year will be regarded as the beginning of the following Ugadhi. There will be a name for this specific year, 64 names for each year.

The Panchangam is published by numerous publishers each year. Most people will adhere to various Panchangam based on personal preferences. One of the most well-known Panchangam among all Panchangam is Nemani Vari Gantala Panchangam

Nemani Vari Gantala Panchangam 2023-24 Sobhakritu:

The Panchangam will include a lot of other spiritual and religious predictions in addition to information about a person’s astrological horoscope. People will either listen to or read the Panchangam that has been prepared for the upcoming year when the Ugadi festival starts. Each and every year, the year will be given a new name and a new Panchangam .

The Sobhakritu Nama Samvatsara is the name given to the time frame between 2023 and 2024. This suggests that the given name is the title of the relevant year.  The year will be given the names of the Lord Narada’s children in honor of them.  There have been 64 of these names throughout history. As a result, every 64 years the names of the years will be repeated.

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Purchasing Nemani Vari Gantala Panchangam 2023-24

Customers can purchase the Panchangam for the Sobhakritu year from a large variety of publications. The names of a few publishers and pandits will be printed on the Panchangam before it is circulated.There are three ways for people to obtain a copy of the Panchangma:

  • The majority of online book retailers like Amazon and other websites will sell the hard copy of Nemani Vari Gantala Panchangam.
  • The Nemani vari Panchangam will be available with them in the majority of bookshops or publishing houses in the market..
  • Although some third-party websites may provide a pdf version of the Panchangam which is not the official edition. Therefore, it is advised to purchase the hard copy both online and offline.


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