PAC Tirumala Facilities Lockers Online Booking Timings TTD

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Pilgrim Assistance Centers (PACs) are a huge help to pilgrims who couldn’t find a place to stay in Tirumala, especially on the weekends. On average, around 6,000 people stay at PACs every day.

Pilgrims don’t have to pay for these PAC services, and they can store their belongings, like bags and other things, in the lockers that are provided. Each of the Pilgrims will get a key to their own locker. Once you get to any PAC, you can ask for, take, and use a free locker to store your luggage. You can use any of the center’s facilities, like the bathrooms, showers, and other amenities, for free. The PAC is the only place where people can rent lockers. At this time, you can’t reserve the lockers online. It will be given out based on who asks for it first and how many resources are available. It is very important that you only get lockers from TTD and no one else.

  • The PAC Centers are open all the time, 24 hours a day.
  • Tirumala has many ways to get to the PACs.
  • There are not one but two PACs in Tirumala. The first one is called PAC 1 and is right next to the CRO office, which is the Central reception office. The second PAC can be found on the road that leads to the NGC cottages, which is also known as PAC 2.
  • Both Tirumala and Tirupati have places where travellers can leave their bags for free. The PACs are a safe place to keep all of your things.

PAC Tirumala Facilities Lockers Online Booking Timings TTD

Pilgrims Amenities Centers:

  1. Pilgrims can stay for free in dormitory rooms in Tirupati at the Srinivasam Complex.
  2. Pilgrims can get free lockers at the Srinivasam Complex
  3. The PAC complexes are well equipped with Toilets , wash Rooms for Fresh Up.
  4. There are dorm rooms in Tirupati at Srinivasam Pilgrims Amenities Complex, Govindaraja Choultries Near Railway Station, KodandaRama Dharmasala, and Sri Venkateswara Dharmasala.
  5. Pilgrims do not have to worry about Amenities Complexes being clean. The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams is very well taken care of. If pilgrims want to rest, they can do so in these complexes.
  6. The Bhudevi Guest House Complex, which is close to the Alipiri Bus Station, has free lockers for guests.
  7. PAC I and PAC II are right across the street from the Tirumala Bus station.

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What PAC costs:

A pilgrim can get a free locker after putting down Rs. 500 as a deposit. When the customer gives the Locker Lock back to the staff, they will get this money back.

In Tirumala, you can store your things at the PAC I and PAC II facilities, which can hold a wide range of things, such as electrical devices and other materials. If you want to use this locker, you can lock it with your own lock. Electronics can’t be brought into the Darshan Line, so they have to be put in one of the Lockers.

Places where PACs are:

  • Pilgrims Amenities Centers Tirumala, PAC I is next to C.R.O. (Central Reception Office Tirumala), and PAC II is on the path that leads to GNC cottage.
  • Centers for the Convenience of Pilgrims: Tirupati, Srinivasam Complex (which is right across from the Tirupati Bus Station), and Vishnu Nivasam (Walkable from Tirupati Railway Station).
  • The PACs are places where pilgrims can go to clean up. This is also a place where hair can be given as a gift.

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