Tirumala Temple Vimana Venkateswaraswamy History Darshan

Know the latest details about the Tirumala Temple Vimana Venkateswaraswamy History Darshan, Tirumala Temple Vimana Venkateswaraswamy History

The golden gopuram of the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is called Ananda Nilayam, which means “Abode of Happiness.”

In the second tier of the Vimana of the Ananda Nilayam, there is an icon called “vimana Venkateswara Swamy.” It is a small copy of the Moola Vigraha that is carved on the northwest corner of the Vimana. People who go to this Temple make it a point to worship this Idol because they think it will help them get to heaven. There is a name board and a silver “Thiruchi” on the idol to make it stand out from the others.

Tirumala Temple Vimana Venkateswaraswamy History Darshan

History of Tirumala Temple Vimana Venkateswaraswamy:

Legend 1:

One story says that when the outer Prakarams and the Sanctum were being built, Kubera, from whom the Lord had borrowed a lot of money for his wedding, was worried that the Lord might not pay him back and might even disappear.

The Lord told Kubera that His Prototype would be put on the Vimana so Kubera would always know that the Lord was there.

Legend 2:

Vyasateertha was in Sri Krishnadevaraya’s court when he was alive. (16th century BCE). Vyasateertha was a great scholar and Madhva Saint who had done a lot of good work. He was called Vyasaraya because he once sat on the king’s throne for a few days to get rid of a bad sign for the king. When Krishnadeva Raya went to Tirumala, he saw that 9 priests were wearing Lord Venkateswara’s jewellery. King was mad, so he killed those nine priests right in the temple.

Vyasa Raya tried to make up for the fact that he had killed nine people in a temple. He closed the temple for 12 years and did everything he could to clean the area and clear the king of this sin.

Lord Venkateswara showed up in Vyasaraya’s dream and told him to worship a silver-framed copy of his main idol outside. The gold carving already existed, but it was now marked with a silver frame and an arrow so that devotees could easily find it and pray to it when the temple was closed. It is called Vimana Venkateswara Swamy because it is on the first floor of a vimanam in Ananda Nilayam.

Renovations to the Vimana venkateswara swamy temple:

In the 1950s, it was found that the gold was getting old and that parts of the roof inside the Sanctum Sanctorum were falling in. The TTD decided to fix the roof and replace the metal that was getting old.

All of the gold was taken off and painstakingly put back on. The damaged levels of the roof below were fixed with cement and extra-strong metal grouting reinforcement. During this time in the mid-1960s, no worship could be done in the Sanctum Sanctorum, so the “power” of the chief deity was put into a temporary idol that was carved and put somewhere else in the temple. All of the worship took place in this new place called “Bala Aalaya” (Child Temple).

It took carpenters and builders five years to make moulds of the roof’s nooks and crannies, which were then used to make copper plates in those shapes. Using building methods from the 20th century, the long nails from the 10th century AD were taken out and replaced with solid cement and metal grouting. The copper plates were then put in place and secured. Fine “Aparanji” gold was chiselled into plates and then riveted to copper plates.

“Ashta Bandhana Maha Samprokshanam” was a big event that took place in 1964 to bless the new, big, golden Ananda Nilaya Vimanam. Since then, the ceremony has been done once every 12 years to fix things in the temple.

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